Do you often look at celebrity bridal hairstyles and think ‘my hair would never do that’? Well, we’re here to tell you that it can! With the right style tips you can replicate the exact celebrity hairstyle you want! We caught up with top hair and make-up artist Joanne Abbishaw to learn how to create five dreamy bridal ‘dos – and it’s easier than you might think!

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff’s wedding hairstyle is show stopping, matched with her figure-hugging wedding dress. This elegant hairstyle is chic and has a fashionable edge to it. Hair is scooped into a top knot/ballerina bun with emphasis being on creating a sleek updo.

To achieve this look, work through a thickening product into damp hair and blow dry using a large barrelled brush to create a smooth but volumised style. Using a wide tooth comb, bring hair up to just below the crown and secure with a snag free band. At this stage gently tease the hair so it’s not too severe.

Using a matching hair colour doughnut, pin securely into the ponytail then take sections of the pony tail, gently backcomb to create extra volume and pin around the bun. Secure each section by criss crossing grips. Smooth any stray hairs using a gloss serum and fix with a regular hold spray. Like Hilary a veil can then be placed just under the bun to ensure this style gets maximum attention.

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Tamera Mowry

Tamera Mowry’s wedding hairstyle is perfect for her glamorous wedding theme. Hair is elevated and scooped up into a loose chignon softened by a sweeping fringe.

To re-create this look for your own big day, hair should be loosely tonged leaving the fringe straight. A light spray of flexible hold hairspray to keep soft curls in place should be applied. Taking a large section at the crown and using a backcombing brush or fine toothed comb, backcomb the hair to create height ensuring the top section is smoothed over.

Apply a small amount of straightening balm or gloss serum over the crown to smooth down any stray hairs. Fix hair in place using grips in the same colour tone as your hair. With the remaining hair take sections of approximately 3cm wide, twist slightly ensuring hair twists back on itself and pin.

Continue this with the remaining sections. Check all the ends of your hair are neatly tucked away. Smooth the fringe using straighteners and flick up at the ends. Backcomb the roots of your fringe if you need to, position into place and hold with a strong fixing spray. Once dried, a fine mist of gloss spray is all you need to finish this ultra glamorous look.


Fergie’s wedding hairstyle had a more bohemian feel. Supporting a centre parting, her hair is tightly waved from mid to end lengths.

To steal this look, work through a curl enhancing product on damp hair. Sectioning into a middle parting, take roughly 3cm width sections and plait from half way down the hair. Continue the plait to the end of the hair securing with a snag free band.

Once all the hair is plaited, apply a fine mist of fixing spray and leave to dry. Once hair is completely dry, undo the plaits and gently tease the hair. At the crown to create some volume lightly backcomb. A salt spray should be finely misted over the hair to create a tousled finish.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s wedding hair has a very romantic feel to it. To achieve this look apply a volumising moouse to the hair concentrating on the roots. Using large barrelled tongs take medium sized sections curl hair ensuring the ends are tucked in. Hair should be set to settle and cool. Do not separate the curls.

Taking a section from each side of your head loosly twist until they meet at the back of your head. Pull any strands out to frame your face and fix with kirby grips. Fix hair in place using a regular hold fixing spray. Like Jessica, using eye catching hair accessories finishes the look perfectly.

And there you have it! Easy ways to create super-stylish celebrity wedding hairstyles at home! If you need even more hair inspiration, why not check out the brides in our Real Wedding section now?