Types of folded napkins

If you’re planning a DIY wedding and looking for ideas, napkins are an easy way to personalise your tables.

However, often couples have no idea about the different types of designs you can create at home – be it a swan or a goblet fan – it’s easy when you know how! Here’s some of our favourite styles to choose from and top tips on how to fold napkins for your big day…

Napkins of many colours

When choosing your napkins one of the first things you should decide is colour. Traditionally you should be thinking about using the colour scheme that you’ve chosen for your ceremony and your decorations – a fab idea would be to use two colours on alternate place settings – brown and turquoise, black and white – whatever the colour scheme you’re working with.

The type of napkin you use can ultimately decide on what type of shape you to fold your napkin. A loose, flimsy paper napkin might look nice as a simple origami swan but would look a mess if you tried to fold it into a more difficult bird of paradise shape. Where as a material napkin might look better as a simple French pleat because it is not stiff enough to stand up as a Cardinal Hat fold. All these factors should be taken into consideration when deciding on how to fold your napkin

Fab folds

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Who knew there were so many ways to fold a napkin? After careful consideration we think that the French Pleat looks fairly straightforward for a beginner. If you’re a little more advanced and want to add the wow factor, folding a napkin into a rose or a crown is the perfect idea. Now that would be a talking point for guests when they sit down for their meal!

If you hunt through the internet you can find many video and illustrated tutorials that show you how to fold napkins. We’ve chosen a fab video on how to fold a fabulous French pleat. Simple yet stunning!