Unique and exciting wedding entertainment is becoming more and more popular, and these trends are certainly looking like they’re going to be hot in 2014. Read on to find out how your guests will be having fun at your 2014 wedding…


On a musical note

Kieran from Rock My Reception is well placed to offer his expert insight on what’s been popular in entertainment in 2013 and what looks set to become a trend in 2014, as he and his partner play two piece acoustic guitar live at weddings.

“We have found live music during the drinks reception has been really popular in 2013,” he says. “Live music during the afternoon has often been overlooked in the past, but last year it really caught on and people really do see it as a wow factor which can set the tone for the day. Plus it’s always a good ice-breaker and a contrast after the formalities of the ceremony.


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“With acoustic singer/songwriters like Jake Bugg becoming popular, people have discovered they love tapping their feet to familiar tunes during the afternoon drinks.

“We have been inundated with wedding couples wanting us to play their first dance for 2014. Romantic hits like Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol are always a favourite for loved-up couples, and upbeat songs such as It Must Be Love by Madness are timeless classics for the first dance.


“We’ve just won the Wedding Industry Awards Live Music category for the North East of England. It’s quite humbling really, as we are in essence just a two-piece acoustic band and we beat off competition from larger swing, jazz and Sinatra-style big bands. I think it shows a shift in people’s tastes, as they’re keen to put their own stamp on the day and go for a festival-style wedding as opposed to opting for old traditions.”


Entertaining technology

The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners think that technology is going to play a far greater role in 2014.

“Virtual wedding guests – i.e. people who are unable to attend the day in person – will become commonplace, either by using Skype or websites such as FlashStreaming.

“Entertainment-wise, we think the next big thing to enter the arena will be the slow motion video booth, a quirky alternative to the photobooth that has been so popular for the last couple of years. This takes the 15 second video on Instagram to a whole new level, and we can see how it will be extremely popular with the younger guests at a wedding.


“Another trend that has caught our eye is the one for providing charging stations disguised as floral decor at the wedding reception. With everyone taking selfies and posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the need to keep mobile devices charged is becoming more important – enter the charging station. Simply put it in an area that houses several charging outlets for guests to charge their smartphones, but cleverly hidden by some smart design and decor to fit in with the overall style and feel of the wedding.

“And let’s not forget our obsession with apps. We’ve found some great wedding apps that we know bridal couples are going to love using at their wedding to capture all the emotion, dramas and fun of the day in 2014.

  • Appy Couple – helps couples design and build their own wedding app and website
  • WedPics – taking disposable cameras to the next level, this app crowdsources a wedding photo album
  • Vyclone – this app synchronises videos from everyone at the wedding to produce one big movie
  • Evergram – this powerful storytelling app collects video, audio and text messages and produces them in one keepsake album


What if you’re marrying abroad?

If you’re marrying somewhere sunny, that will help your guests have a good time, and you should definitely take advantage of the local attractions.

“If couples are marrying in Tuscany, for example, guests have some wonderful sights to explore,” say Accent Events, who specialise in planning weddings in Italy for couples. “They can visit the art galleries of Florence or go horseriding in the afternoons and evenings. Venues are being chosen that produce a range of their own products which are being used for favours, such as olive oil or honey.”


Strictly Weddings

What with the popularity of Strictly on Saturday nights, at Wedding Ideas we’re noticing that more and more couples are having formal dance lessons before they hit the floor for that first dance, so that they can step out perfectly.


We love this trend – after all, learning how to dance together properly isn’t just for your wedding day! You’ll enjoy waltzing properly together at evening events in the future, and it’ll be a lovely reminder of your wedding day. Even when it’s just the two of you at home, what’s to stop you waltzing around the kitchen when your favourite song comes on the radio?

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