Although we all hope to be thoroughly organised for the big day, it’s always a good idea to have a back-up plan and do as much in advance as possible, especially when it comes to children’s hair!

Children’s hair care brand Vosene Kids and film hair stylist, Charlotte Hayward have come up with some top tips to manage child hair dilemmas up to and on the big day along with a simple, yet extra special style that even Dad can do… 013-Ravinder-Crone-Photographer-Notley-Abbey-Wedding-Buckinghamshire-Wedding-Ideas-Magazine

Before the big day

The dreaded visit to the hairdressers – it can sometimes be a battle to get children onside when it’s time for a haircut but you’ll likely to want their locks looking fresh for the wedding day.

Try chatting to your children about their impending haircut in the days leading up to the event – treating a haircut as a grown-up treat can help to get children excited about the experience. It can be worthwhile to spend a few minutes in the salon with your child before their appointment. Allowing them some time to watch other children in the salon chair can help them to feel more comfortable.

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A little snack often works wonders for keeping little ones still in the salon chair, and small rewards such as a lollipop or a play in the park on the way home can help to make their experience a positive one.

“If your child finds the salon environment particularly stressful, it might be worthwhile looking into a mobile hairdresser, since your child is much more likely to feel at ease in familiar surroundings. Hollie&Paul-547

The night before

Washing hair the night before can help relieve pressure on the wedding day, and gives you at least one less thing to worry about!

Brush through any tangles before bed, and wash and dry their hair before they go to bed. Using a 2 in 1 shampoo can help to reduce the stressful process too by keeping hair washing time to a minimum whilst also easing any tangles.

“To help reduce tangle – try to squeeze as much water from their hair as possible after washing, and try not to rub it with the towel as this can encourage tangles.

A little conditioning spray can help so try to do this when combing through wet and through dry hair using a wide-tooth comb, always starting at the ends. If your child has longer hair it can be beneficial to plait it back or tie it into a loose ponytail as they sleep. Hollie&Paul-393

On the wedding day

Whether you are a bride or even a guest, it can be a bit hectic on the day! Enlist some help when it comes to styling your daughters’ hair! Watch this simple video tutorial showing Charlotte Hayward, demonstrating a simple yet extra special style, that even your husband can do!

There are lots of simple styles that even dads can help with! If your daughter has static hair, before diving right in with a bucket of product, he can lightly spray a hairbrush with some low strength hairspray and brush through to tame any fly-aways.

“Plaits can be a little tricky so unless he sees himself as a secret hair wizard, try gathering two pieces of hair at the front, twisting them individually to the back of your child’s head. Secure the twists with a couple of bobby pins – if you put them wobbly side down, they’ll grip better. Spraying a clean toothbrush to deal with any tricky flyaways can also help.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can create some additional twists using the remainder of the hair, and remember – cute accessories can cover all manner of sins so don’t be afraid to keep things simple and let a couple of nice clips or matching ribbons do the talking! 905

See, easy peasy! For more top tips on children at weddings, have a look right here!