If you have a beloved pooch who is part of your special day, why not DIY a dog bow tie to make them look extra smart!

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You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • APPRO X 30 feathers to suit the theme/ colours – they’ve used pheasant feathers for this DIY
  • Ready tied bow tie (black is best for this DIY make)

Step one

Sort feathers for the best look and make sure all are an equal size. Roughly 12 are required for each side of the bow tie and you’re need one large or two small feathers to wrap around the middle of the bow tie.

Step two

Lay them all out on your worktop so you know what you’ve got. Trim feathers to approx half the length, leaving just the bright colours and trimming off the downy part.


Step three

Apply hot glue to the first 1cm of the bow tie, then stick the first feather in the centre of the outside edge with at least 1cm of feather overhanging the material. Follow with the second feather at the outside edge on the left, then the third feather on the right, fill the gaps with two more feathers.


Step four

Follow with another line of four feathers. Continue with a final row of two feathers, and then repeat the process on the other ‘wing’ of the bow tie.

Step five

Once the bow tie is covered with the rows of feathers, put some more glue in the centre and wrap either one large feather, or two smaller feathers to cover the centre.


Step six

Tease the feathers with fingertips to create an even finish. And voilà! You a have a bow tie to make your dog look dapper on your big day!


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