The summer season is coming to an end which means a lot of weddings have been and gone too, maybe even your own! All those days and nights of planning that special day have left a little bit of a gap in your life, but how do you deal with those post-wedding blues?

Pace yourself

Have you thought about not going on your honeymoon straight away? Giving yourself a break of even a couple of days before you hop on the plane means that you’ll have a little more time to settle, sort things out, and then you can relax. Those thank-you cards aren’t going to find time to write themselves too… 2013TRP_Neal&Wendy_highres389

Don’t rush back to work

Maybe even pad out your honeymoon with a few more days off work when you’re back, just so you don’t go from one extreme to another: ultra relaxation to ultra panic! Your wedding day and the time away on your honeymoon will be a little bit different to your standard day in the office, so don’t rush, and ease yourself back into the routine. It will be less of a shock to the system, and give you time to unpack!


Just because it’s traditional to head off on your honeymoon soon after the big day, doesn’t mean you have to. In fact, minimoons are on the up! Couples going away for a long weekend after their wedding day has become more and more popular, meaning the honeymoon is something you can still look forward to! Definitely something to cure those post-wedding blues, plus will give you a little more time to save up for that holiday you’ve always wanted.

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Take up something new

Wedding planning no doubt took up a lot (if not, ALL) of your spare time – if you weren’t out shopping for outfits or bits and pieces to decorate the venue, you were at home and sitting on the sofa, searching the internet for new ideas, with Say Yes to the Dress on the TV in the background.

Because of this, you’re bound to feel a little lost with nothing to plan or do in your spare time – you just don’t know WHAT you did before you got engaged (minus secretly looking up engagement rings you wanted). Take up a new hobby, plan a big get together that’s slightly less big than a wedding but big enough to take more than just a group text message to organise, or join a group. Get busy! The blues won’t find the time to get to you.  michelle&jon-1069

Talk it out

Don’t suffer in silence! If something is bothering or upsetting you, who better to talk to than your new husband? That’s what he’s there for after all; to support you and care for you – use it! Get out the wedding album together or chat about what each of your favourite parts of the day.

Have date nights

Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean you’ve got to stop dating! Having a date night every once in a while is a great idea to keep the blues at bay. What better than getting dolled up and heading out to a fancy restaurant or going to see a show with your new husband. Don’t say goodbye to romance because you’ve already tied the knot and you’re Mr and Mrs now! That only makes it more fun… 698

Get creative

Those skills you discovered whilst you were sorting all your DIY decorations for the wedding? Make the most of them! Why not do up your house? Fill it with bunting and handmade chair covers, or go all out and re-vamp the wallpaper. A little bit of change will make the transition from constant-wedding-excitement to now-a-married-couple life a lot easier.

Do coupley things

So, we’ve been talking about YOU taking up other things to replace the hole that wedding planning and wedding things left in your life, but what about your new husband? He’ll be missing out too! Something that would be good for both of you is taking up ‘coupley things’. Join a group together, take up a hobby together, and take romantic trips away every so often! Guy-and-Jo-Wedding-226