If you’re having a summer wedding, it’s a great time to go all out with your wedding menu and create a feast for your guests! We’ve got Tom Hunt, the author of The Natural Cook and creator of Tom’s Feast Weddings, to help you plan a meal that will wow everyone on your wedding day… Notebooks at the ready!

A real banquet

To create an alfresco family style banquet, it is important to strike the right balance between informal and high-end. You want it to feel like a relaxed and merry celebration but with high-end dishes and quality local ingredients, so it still remains an incredibly special occasion.

tom-summer-wedding-feast-1 Laid table with amuse bouche

Seasonal, seasonal, seasonal

If it is not in season, we won’t put it on the menu. Our style of cooking appeals to couples who care about where their food comes from – not only local meat and fish, but fruit and vegetables too. We pride ourselves on this fact, and it means we take advantage of the abundance of incredible British produce available to us.

tom-summer-wedding-feast-2 Radishes with goat's curd

All about the quality

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Substance over style is really important – our food doesn’t just look nice on Pinterest boards, our ingredients are top quality and they are prepared and cooked by top chefs. The food is served in a rustic yet refined way, creating a spectacle at the table.

tom-summer-wedding-feast-8 Roast pork belly with turnips

Top service

The trend of family-style sharing banquets appears very care-free and easy, but only when you’ve got a great team back-stage taking pride in the whole process of sourcing, creating and serving to the highest standard possible. Make sure that you have nothing to worry about so that you can sit back, eat and enjoy!

tom-summer-wedding-feast-3 Mise en place - main course

Food waste

Weddings, like many events, can produce a huge amount of waste. If you plan accurately, you can cut down massively on waste. We care about the environmental impact of our work and do everything we can to minimise it.

tom-summer-wedding-feast-5 Pak choi, courgette, mozzarella, basil

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