If you want your wedding to be the social media event of the year, you need to get yourself a hashtag and this brand new service from wedding company ii.do


Social-savvy brides and grooms are going to love this new idea! ii.do have designed a live social media feed for weddings, meaning all the fun and excitement of the big day can be transmitted live at your event! All you have to do choose a wedding hashtag and a pretty template from the ii.do website that will form the basis of your slideshow.


Times and dates of your wedding reception can be entered and you can even conduct a test with their free service, to make sure everything runs smoothly before the big day arrives. Sounds cool, right? Here’s how to set up your own live wedding instagram and twitter slideshows in four easy steps…

Step 1

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Choose a wedding hashtag. This could be your names, nicknames or whatever you like – just make it personal to you!

Step 2

Choose a slideshow from one of ii.do’s online templates. This will form the background of your slideshow so try to choose one that complements your wedding theme.


Step 3

Display your slideshow to your guests. You can do this by hooking up a laptop to a big screen or projector with a HDMI cable at your reception.

Step 4

See all the hashtagged images and videos from instagram and twitter appear on the screen as if by magic and watch the faces of your guests as they watch themselves on the screen.

To celebrate the launch of their new company, ii.do are also holding a competition with 100 of their $300 premium packages up for grabs. To enter, just fill in your details on their site, follow them on instagram @iidoHQ and then tag something old, something borrowed or something blue, for your chance to win your something new!

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