Organising your wedding is one of the most stressful things you may ever do. Stress specialist Helen Wingsted shows you how to cope with wedding day stress.

wedding-day-stressNot only do you have to the find the perfect wedding dress, you need to select the right wedding venue, organise a great reception for all your close family and friends and put everything in place so it all runs like clockwork.

And then the big day dawns. You’ve laughed, you’ve cried, you’ve checked and rechecked, made last minute changes – so why all the stress?!

Wedding day stress can ruin the big occasion, so understanding what they are and why you have them ensures you stay in control and have a marvellous time.

Top tips for coping with wedding day stress

  1. Sit on your own without distractions for ten minutes and notice how you are. Heart beating fast, rapid pulse, sweaty palms, hot and bothered, your mind racing? Fear and excitement produce the same physical responses and most people confuse the two, after all, you’re more used to fright than you are to wedding days so how would you know? Give yourself a break and smile at the confusion.
  2. Don’t panic. If you’ve been excited for months then you’re probably excited now rather than scared so take five big deep breaths, calm down and see the funny side – what a relief, you’re doing the right thing!
  3. Wedding day jitters are a combination of fear and stress. Stress is a completely different process to fear; separate one from the other and you’ll be able to organise and manage them better and enjoy the power your new found knowledge has brought you.
  4. Stress is a by product of mental activity; the mental activity that’s ensured you’ve done everything you need for a perfect occasion. Recognise that the stress you’re experiencing is simply the by-product of your determination to realise your dream then congratulate yourself with an early celebratory toast!
  5. All too soon the day’s complete. The guests have gone and you’re alone with your partner. Phew, what a relief! All the tasks and problems have been solved and the objectives have been achieved. The wedding day stress bubble your mind has generated as a by-product of trying to succeed can now safely burst. Mission accomplished just one thing remains – sleep. You guessed it – the final side-effect of dumping the stress that’s led to your ultimate success!

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