If your wedding is just around the corner you’ve probably been refreshing the 10-day forecast every other hour. The last thing you want is bad weather on your wedding day, but sometimes it’s simply unavoidable and it’s important you have a Plan B.

This means if that dreaded rain cloud does appear on the weather forecast, you can still relax and enjoy your wedding day as you’ve already got a back-up plan in place. Note – this is much better than having a breakdown on the morning of your wedding because your ceremony is based outside and it’s pouring with rain.

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Prepare your photographer

A good photographer will have a back-up plan for bad weather. However, it’s always worthwhile showing them around the venue before the big day so they can see possible areas to shoot if photographing outside is impossible. This will save a whole ton of time on the day! Photographers can also take some seriously romantic shots in the rain if you’re brave enough.

Always accessorise

Stock up on some pretty umbrellas and colourful wellies! Supply your guests with a box of brollies (they might not be as prepared as you) and match the colours to the theme of your wedding day. This will also look fab in your wedding photographs.

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Choose a summer wedding

If you know this is something you are really going to stress about, to the point where it takes over and you end up dreading your big day, choose to have a summer wedding as it’s way less likely to rain.

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Have a back-up plan

If you’re planning on having an outdoor ceremony, always book a venue that has a back-up option if it rains. It’s extra helpful if you have the option to switching to an indoor ceremony at the last minute, if not, ensure there is cover if it does rain!

Avoid any make-up disasters

If you want to keep your make-up looking perfect for the whole day, including if it rains, set your foundation with a primer. Wear waterproof mascara and water-resistant foundation, just to be extra safe!

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Embrace it

If it rains on your wedding day, there’s not much you can do about it so simply embrace it! Do not let it stop you and your hubby enjoying your special day. It also makes for some seriously romantic photographs in the rain…

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