Your wedding stationery helps to set the scene when it comes to your wedding theme. It’s the first glimpse of a colour scheme that your guests will get, so make the best first impression possible with these expert tips from top stationery company Bride and Groom Direct…

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As your guests eagerly open their wedding invitations, this will be the first hint of the fabulous day that you have in store for them. Your invitation sets the scene, so consider this when choosing your perfect invite design – if you’re planning a traditional ‘do’ your invitations should also follow the same trend. Even in this modern day and age, an emailed wedding invitation is not considered polite… so don’t go there!

There are so many different styles of wedding invitations available these days, it’s hard not to become influenced by what other people have had.  But it’s your big day, so only you and your other half know what is the perfect invitation for you.  Make sure that once you’ve chosen your favourite designs, you ask for samples to be sent to you so that you can check the quality. 
This is supposed to be fun, so take a deep breath and consider the following invitation details before deciding on your final design.

Picking the design

Begin with a theme in mind, but don’t worry if it goes out the window once you see the invitation samples you love. It is great to have a scrap book with pictures from magazines, or a Pinterest board with all your ideas, so you can return to what first inspired you, but keep an open mind and let things unfold naturally. Don’t let an idea restrict you, be flexible.

Think about costs

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Invitations can get pricey. It’s also difficult to compare different stationery prices due to the range of styles and complexity of different invites. Some companies have a price per card that includes everything you need with no hidden extras, but others have a price per card and then the insert paper, envelopes and personalisation costs are all on top. So make sure that you add in any hidden costs when you compare the prices of your favourite designs.

It’s also possible to have DIY invitations where you buy the materials that you need and assemble the invitations yourself. You can save huge amounts by buying this way and when you’re ready to assemble your invitations, what better excuse for a get together with your girlfriends and your favourite bottle of wine!

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Invitation wording

Don’t lose sight of the fact that your wedding invitation has a job to do. Your guests need to know exactly when and where to go, so make sure the text is clear, legible and has all the important stuff on  it. These things include your names, the hosts, the venue, time, date and any RSVP details required. You’d be amazed how many people forget to include the time!

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