How To Choose Your Wedding Fizz On Budget

Sparkling wine is the drink of choice when it comes to celebrations – especially a wedding, but with so many types to choose from, it can be hard to know which to plump for, and how much to spend… Follow this simple guide by The Wine Beagle, to help you sort the wheat from the chaff!

How To Choose Your Wedding Fizz Within Budget


Champagne is the obvious first thought, this region in northern France makes the world’s finest and most famous sparkling wines. These days you can pick up a bottle for as little as £11, but I have to say, these cheap versions are best avoided. At the same price point you will do much better with one of the other sparkling options mentioned below. If you’re happy to spend £17 plus though, Champagne should certainly be considered, they are the masters after all and people subconsciously enjoy Champagne more if they know it to be Champagne.


Prosecco has taken off in the UK in recent years and is a good, cheaper alternative to Champagne. It hails from northern Italy and tends to be lighter and fruitier, without the yeasty, bready character that the latter is known for. It can be delicious though and good dry examples can be found from £9 a bottle. What’s more, mix it with peach juice and you’ve got yourself a Bellini – the delicious and legendary cocktail created in Venice in the 1940s.

How To Choose Your Wedding Fizz Within Budget
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Cava is Spain’s answer to Champagne. It is made in the same way, with secondary fermentation taking place in bottle (rather than in a large tank as with Prosecco) and as such has a similarly bready character. Although Prosecco is currently the big seller in the UK, I’d urge you to check out some Cavas. Quality is often excellent and value for money remarkable.

New World Sparkling wines

There are numerous New World countries making Champagne imitations and many can be picked up for a song. New Zealand versions can be a great buy at around the £12 mark, New comer to the international fizz market, South Africa, also make some good value ‘Champagne method’ sparklers at around the same price.

English Sparkling wines

English fizz has come of age and quality is now up there with some of the best Champagnes. Prices however are still quite high, so although this can make an interesting wedding choice, you’ll have to be prepared to pay at least £20 a bottle.


Mix and match. Perhaps serving a cheaper sparkling wine such as a Cava by the glass to guests on arrival, and then pouring Champagne for the toasts.