With the triumphant return of the ‘big wedding’ following two years of Covid-related uncertainty, Tallulah Rushaya discusses how to choose your wedding dress as a modern bride in 2022.

Nova Collection 2022 Suzanne Neville. Credit: Sammy Taylor

Words by Tallulah Rushaya. This article appeared in The London Magazine’s May edition.

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The date has been set, the invitations sent to guests and now the search for the perfect bridalwear begins.

Since Queen Victoria popularised the archetypal white wedding dress at her own nuptials to Prince Albert, the style continues to evolve in both shape, material and colour.

Elie Saab Bridal Fall 2022 Collection

A joyous opportunity to show your own fashion flair on your special day with a breadth of options, it can be overwhelming to make that final decision. From Queen Anne to bateau necklines, A-line to column shape skirts, or even a jumpsuit, bridal style has everything to suit all brides walking down the aisle.

How to Choose Your Bridalwear

Selecting bridalwear for the special day should result in a choice that not only looks good to you, but has a style and fit that will make you feel the outfit was made and tailored especially for you.

Grace Loves Lace Peaches Pearl Dress

While some styles remain timeless, dressing for individuality makes a world of difference, whether you favour classic or couture. Get creative with your lace work, and look to the likes of Hermione de Paula or east London’s Grace Loves Lace or have fun with sleeves, inspired by collections by Sassi Holford and Suzanne Neville.

Orchid Puff Sleeves, Orchid Skirt & Hyacinth Dress, Halfpenny London

“Let your personality lead the way when it comes to finding your wedding dress. Forget the assumptions of specific shapes or necklines only suiting certain types of bodies or shapes – your wedding dress decision should reflect your personality and your own sense of style,” says Caroline Burstein, founder and owner of Browns Bride (brownsbride.com).

“The more ‘you’ that you feel on the day, the more confidence you’ll have walking down the aisle. Over the 18 years we’ve been in business and we know that the gowns which create the most impact are always the ones worn with the most confidence.”

How to Choose Your Bridesmaids’ Dresses

In recent years, there has been a shift towards individual style to not only the bride, but also bridesmaids. Being a bridesmaid no longer means being resigned to wearing a peach meringue ensemble.

Rixo bridesmaid dresses (left to right): Katie button down dress, £275, Minnie wrap dress, £315, Valerie halter neck dress, £295, Lucile short sleeve midi dress, £275

“Very few of us are comfortable being told what to wear so the modern style of different outfits in the same colour, for example, is a very welcome change!” comments Kate Halfpenny, founder and designer of Halfpenny London (halfpennylondon.com).

“The traditional strapless, satin dress will always be there for those who love that look, but now women can choose from chic jumpsuits, separates and other beautiful dresses too.

“Allowing bridesmaids to choose their silhouette, or add a sleeve, or a higher neckline is a game-changer, and it means that everyone feels happy and comfortable. For me, that’s so important.”

Satin Pandora Dress in Rosewood, £1,395

Bridesmaids’ dresses have also evolved into styles that can be worn over again, making them investment pieces, which is at the heart of Halfpenny London’s Sister collections.

“No matter who pays for it, make sure it’s worth the investment,” says Halfpenny. “Throw a cashmere sweater on with one of the skirts or rock the jumpsuit with a denim jacket. Well- made, lovingly crafted clothes should be loved for many, many years.”

This article appeared in The London Magazine’s May edition.

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