What’s the quickest way to inject some fun into your big day and get your guests talking at dinner? With fun wedding table names, of course! Let’s see how these real brides did it…

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A popular choice of table names is places, or locations. Maybe places you’ve been on holiday together if you’re travel lovers, or for the stay-at-home type, different parts of your hometowns or streets you’ve lived on. How about letting your guests really get to know you and make your table names places you’ve been on dates?

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Naming your tables after your favourite sports, your favourite teams, or your favourite players is another way for your guests to get to know you better, and it raises the question of potential rivalry between tables… “My table’s team is better than yours”, “My table name is faster than yours”… You get the idea.

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Film and TV

We love the idea of naming tables after famous movie couples (think Jonny and Baby, Carrie and Big, Jack and Rose) or TV couples (Pam and Mick, Ross and Rachel, Terry and June!) Think about your favourite films that you’ve watched together to get some inspiration.

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Whilst you might like the idea of listing your favourite things, you might also like to make your wedding that extra bit personal and special for you, your family and friends, by dedicating your tables to them! Naming your tables after your family members and close friends is a great way to say thank you for always being there, and maybe even the help they’ve given you throughout the stressful wedding planning process.


Likewise with books, you’re bound to find something that fits your wedding theme. Are you both literature buffs? Then name them after your fave reads, authors, magazines or characters!


Food and drink

Well, your guests are sitting down at the tables for a reason, so why not make the table names match? Name each table after your favourite dishes or your preferred tipples on a night out for a real party vibe.

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For the music lovers, and especially perfect for a festival-style wedding, the table plan can be a chance to list your favourite bands, singers, festivals, albums, songs, or for the particularly hardcore fans, lyrics. You can be playful with the table name sign, too, by using the album artwork!

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