You want to keep your bridesmaids happy, so choosing the right outfit for them is super important. We have rounded up the best advice to help you find the best bridesmaid dresses for every shape.

BRIDESMAIDS IN FRONT OF VAN Bridesmaid Dresses to Suit Every Shape

Bridesmaid Dresses to Suit Every Shape

Top Tips for an Apple Shape

An apple shape is typified by a fuller bust and stomach with thinner legs. 

  • Strapless dresses are very flattering a provide more shape.
  • A deep V-neck will help break up the lines of your torso – avoid high necklines.
  • Empire-line gowns that fall from under the bust, as well as anything that cinches the waist
  • Draw attention to your arms with chic fluted sleeves
Pink blaze strapless Harlow bridesmaid dress to suit every shape
We particularly love this strapless Jarlo dress.

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Top Tips for an Hourglass Shape

An hourglass shape is typified by a tiny waist and accentuated hips and bust.  

  • Enhance your balanced figure with a dress that emphasises your waist and curves
  • A sweetheart neckline is super-flattering and it can help keep your body in proportion
  • Why not try something more retro with a full skirt and belted waist? An hourglass figure lends itself well to these styles

Top Tips for an Athletic Shape

An athletic shape is typified by broad shoulders and straight hips 

  • High necklines, particularly boxed necklines are very flattering- they’ll show off your toned arms.
  • Eye-catching details such as ruffles, ruching and bows on the neckline add flattering volume
  • Your body shape often suits most styles but will look particularly fantastic low or open-backed gowns
  • Belted waists will also help create the illusion of curves
Cecelia grey Jarlo bridesmaid dress
We particularly love this Cecelia dress from Jarlo.

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Top Tips for a Pear Shape

A pear shape is typified with fuller hips and a narrower top half 

  • Make the most of your bridesmaids’ slender shoulders with a halterneck or strapless style dress
  • A-line skirts are the most flattering shape on a pear shape
  • If you opt for a cover-up for your bridesmaids, choose one that is light in colour


For Small Busts

Halternecks and high-neck dresses are a great choice for bridesmaids with smaller busts, whilst anyone with a larger bust should avoid this style – especially girls with broader shoulders. However, another good choice for smaller boobs is a spaghetti-strap dress as they sit more flush than they would on a bustier woman.

For big Busts

If you have girls that are more generously proportioned on top, a fab choice would be a gown with a scoop neckline – this will flatter their shape nicely.

BRIDESMAID BY RED BUS best-bridesmaid-dresses-for-shape-annabel wedding 592

Something for Everyone

Finally, there are some styles which will suit most people, so you can have a uniform style. Sweetheart necklines are always a popular choice, both with wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses because they suit all figures, shapes and busts. It gives support and creates the illusion of a fuller bust. We do advise nothing too plunging if you have bigger boobs. 

Strapless dresses work for those with average-sized busts: too small and they’ll look flat chested, too big and they’ll be spilling out everywhere – both very unflattering! When they’re trying on the dresses, make sure you get them to have a walkabout in them to avoid any problems on the big day. Hitching up a strapless dress every two minutes probably isn’t the ‘sophisticated’ bridesmaid look you’re after.


GREEN BRIDESMAIDS Bridesmaid Dresses to Suit Every Shape

Finally, now you know how to get the bridesmaid dresses right, here’s the list of things NOT to say to your best girls


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