Choosing accessories for your bridesmaids that they will love wearing on the big day and beyond is no small task. Make sure you get it right first time with these top tips from jewellery experts Julieann Beads

Echo your own accessories

Bridesmaid wedding accessories look great when they complement those of the bride. This creates harmony in those all-important wedding photos and links the bride to her maids. So if you’ve fallen in love with vintage pearls find jewellery for your bridesmaids made with some of the same components.

Keep it simple

Whether you’ve opted for statement bridal jewellery or something more understated, choose a similar, simpler version for your girls. Your maids will look their best and highlight you, the bride, if they are wearing elements of your bridal jewellery style. Pretty pendants look fabulous as do bracelet and earring sets.

Classic over contemporary

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While your maids are bound to love their accessories, they will treasure their jewellery forever if you choose designs that they can wear again long after your wedding day. Maybe avoid bridesmaid’s jewellery in strong colours or styles that you know they wouldn’t normally be seen in.

Range of sizes

You are ordering their bridesmaid dresses and shoes in different sizes so why not their jewellery, too? Comfort is important for your maids so find a supplier that offers jewellery in a variety of lengths and don’t just rely on extender chains.

Tick two boxes at once

Why not give your girls their accessories as their thank you presents? Just tell them you have their jewellery sorted and give them a wonderful surprise on your wedding day. This not only ensures that they are wearing something that fits in with your bridal style but will save you money, too.

Something special for your best girl

It’s a lovely gesture to recognise your chief bridesmaid by choosing additional or slightly more elaborate accessories for her. Maybe a pair of statement earrings for her and simpler designs for the other maids or perhaps grips for the girls and a more ornate comb for your best girl.

Hair accessories for flowergirls

Younger maids and flowergirls can become restless and fidget with hair accessories. Comfort and fit is the answer! Headbands (in a child size) not only look really cute but are easy to wear and stay put. Grips, especially in clusters, are great for fine hair. Flowergirls look pretty in hair accessories customised to match your colour scheme and many suppliers don’t charge extra for this service.

Box it up

Shop wisely and check that your supplier includes individual gift boxes within the price. This means you can get your bridesmaids the perfect ready-to-go gift that looks special enough for the big day without wasting extra time or money.

Be colour wise

Pearls or colours? This is very much a case of personal taste; let the style of your own bridal accessories and bridesmaids’ dress colour guide you. Choosing bridesmaid accessories to match their dress shade and your colour theme creates a stylish impact. Alternatively, why not consider accessories created from neutral pearls and/or crystals and opt for colour in your wedding flowers instead? Different skin tones and hair colours can also be accommodated by choosing jewellery in a range of shades around a central tone.

Plan together

Why not invite your bridesmaids for a day out at a wedding show? Everyone loves to be part of the wedding planning magic and it will give you the chance to see what sort of accessory designs they prefer. Collect supplier details and then order their jewellery gifts as a surprise for them when you get home.

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