We LOVE accessories. Why? Because a carefully chosen wedding accessory can lift your wedding look into something that is completely personal and unique to you and you alone.

Even if you prefer a simple, streamlined appearance you could find that all it takes is one single, simple item to make a whole outfit hang together.


Crowning Glory

First off, let’s talk wedding tiaras. Why are tiaras worn by brides? Well, tradition has it that only married women could wear tiaras – a bride-to-be walking down the aisle was permitted because she’d be walking back along the aisle as a new wife.

It doesn’t matter how long your hair is – just about any bride can wear a tiara, even if she has fairly short hair (although not as short as Jessie J’s!) A tiara also sets off a veil beautifully and will make you feel like a princess.

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You can go the formal route and wear a very regal looking tiara or you can have something a little bit more quirky. Victoria Beckham commissioned a tiara from Slim Barrett for her wedding day (and she had short hair at the time) and it suited her perfectly.  There are also some stunning vintage style tiaras about if you’re looking to rock a Great Gatsby style wedding look.

Slides, combs and hairbands

If you’re not into the idea of wearing a wedding tiara but you still want to dress up your hairstyle and look elegant, then there are masses of hair slides and combs about to choose from. You could also wear an elegant large headpiece, or for a slightly boho look, try a jewelled hairband or a circlet you could wear across your brow – we like this one from Crystal Bridal Accessories.


If you’re wearing a sparkly diamanté tiara, then you could accessorise your bridesmaids with hair combs and slides to bring a whole look together. The advantage of all these jewelled accessories is that you’ll be able to wear them at a future date to a formal occasion like a black tie ball or dinner and look stunning all over again.



First off let’s think about earrings. They certainly give a finishing touch to your look, but we’d just say that if you’re wearing a fairly large tiara or headpiece then don’t add a pair of chandelier sparklers to your ears because you’ll look over-accessorised. Instead find a pair of simple diamante or pearl studs (or something to match your tiara in a low key way). Kate Middleton did wear some drop earrings with her Cartier tiara but they were very delicate and blended in perfectly.


If you’re wearing a fairly low cut wedding dress then you might like to add a necklace, particularly if your hair is in an updo. A string of pearls is a classic for a wedding day and looks good with traditional wedding gowns and a vintage theme. Or you could have a simple gold or silver chain with a pearl drop.


Just remember that the design of your necklace needs to work with your dress, the neckline and the bodice.  If the neckline of your dress is fairly high, you probably don’t need a necklace at all, particularly if the bodice is beaded. Go for some pretty earrings instead.

If you’re wearing a vintage dress – maybe 1920’s, 1930s or 1950’s style, try and work the style of your jewellery into this. You’ll discover some great Art Deco designs inspired by the 20’s and 30’s. Have a look online or if you want something truly vintage you can often pick up antique jewellery for very little, if it’s made from semi-precious stones.

For a perfect 1950’s touch, why not add in some dazzle by wearing some big clip on sparkly earrings or oversized pearls – we love them!



A wedding dress with a belt? Not an accessory that immediately springs to mind but a carefully chosen belt can individualise a high street wedding dress and draw attention to a neat waist. It can also make a gown a little more formal for the ceremony side of events – and you can then remove it for the evening’s dancing. (Or the other way around). Basically you’re getting two different looks from the same dress – so try a few on and see what works.

Belts don’t have to be expensive either, we’ve found a very pretty pearl belt from Vintage Styler for just £40 which could add an expensive looking touch to a simple dress.


We’re just going to say one word about shoes. Colour. To really make them work hard as a wedding accessory consider choosing your wedding shoes in a colour that matches your wedding theme – so not necessarily ivory or white. A pair of red, Tiffany blue or Cadbury purple wedding shoes can look spectacular with a traditional wedding gown and shows that you’re a free spirit. Think about it.

bridal shoes kerriemitchell


Okay, so you’re not going to be carrying your best It bag down the aisle – but on another note, having a pretty beaded clutch (ask your chief bridesmaid to look after it) is essential to have at hand, containing some tissues, mascara, lipstick and maybe foundation. Just saying.  Dessy has a great selection – pretty ruffled fabric clutches in a rainbow of shades or metallic and pearl numbers. An evening bag is a good future investment as well.


Just remember, carefully chosen wedding accessories will make your wedding ‘look’ personal to you. Nobody can copy the way you put them together and the colours and styles you choose. Our Wedding Ideas Forum brides are chatting right now about wedding accessories they’ve chosen – see what they’ve got to say