When the big day arrives, you want it to be as memorable for your groom as it is for you. There are lots of things you can do to make that happen from the moment he wakes up on the big day!

What about a special gift of something that he can wear throughout the day – a new watch is an excellent choice!

A new watch gives your groom something to complement his wedding suit, something that can truly speak to his personality. However, it’s a gift that he will keep on using day after day, so choose wisely! How do you make a choice? Here are a few suggestions any bride-to-be can work with to make sure it’s a good one…

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Consider his personality

The first thing to consider is your groom’s personality. If the point is to find the ones that will accurately reflect who he is, it needs to be something that speaks to his personality and his own personal style. Here are a few examples to give you an idea:

Modern sophistication

Let’s say your man is modern in every sense of the word, yet still sophisticated enough that he knows the difference between dressing up and just getting dressed. The Ted Baker TE1094 from Tic Watches is a great choice. It combines the classic chronograph with a very sophisticated design that includes a brown leather strap. This would go well with any wedding suit.

Bold game changer

Your groom maybe a bold game changer unwilling to settle for the ordinary. He chose you, right? The Diesel brand may fit him perfectly. Consider the Diesel DZ7334 with a textured case, red face, and black leather strap. This watch is certainly one that not everyone will be wearing.

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Consider his interests

Men have varied interests outside of their work. Some are outdoorsmen while others are proud to call themselves techno-geeks. Your choice of watch should consider these interests, given the fact that they present different demands for timepieces. Again, some suggestions:

Grand adventure

Consider the Citizen BN0110-06E Royal Marines Commando watch for the groom who loves adventure. This shock resistant, anti-magnetic, and waterproof watch is ideal for the man who loves extremes. It features a super titanium case along with a Kevlar band and sapphire crystal.

Intellectual pursuits

Some men find their interests to be more intellectual in nature. If your groom fits this description, Tic Watches has an excellent inventory from Daniel Wellington. The 0103DW Cambridge Gents watch is the perfect gift for a thinker. In fact, every model in this particular line would be suitable for a man of his calibre.

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Consider his budget

This last consideration may seem odd given the fact that you are the one buying the watch for him. Nevertheless, ask yourself how much would he be likely to spend if he was purchasing it for himself? This is important. You do not want your choice of watch to be so out of character, compared to what he would normally buy for himself, that it overshadows everything else. The one you give should fit him comfortably in every way – including its cost.

At the top end of your budget may be luxury brands such as Rolex, Bulgari or Cartier. A more modest budget that still offers enough to choose something of very high quality allows you to consider brands such as Armani and Seiko. A budget-minded groom might be more comfortable with something from Swatch or O’Clock.

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The choice of a watch that reflects your groom’s personality, interests and budget will be a gift that will make your wedding day truly memorable. Moreover, every day he wears his watch in the future, he will remember that you cared enough to put time and effort into buying him something special. Such a gesture will still be important to him long after the cake and decorations are gone.

To see more from Tic Watches, head to their website today!