You’ve chosen a theme, you’ve found your wedding dress but which hairstyle will work best? We caught up with Anna Baker, senior stylist at the Errol Douglas Salon in London as she shows us how to recreate three fabulous celebrity-inspired looks…

The 1920s look… As seen on Katy Perry

The 1920s is a hot theme for this year, with glamorous slimline flapper-style dresses adorning the catwalks. If you’ve chosen this look for your big day, here’s how to style your hair to match…

  1. Prep freshly washed hair with a curl texture balm and blast your hair dry upside down using a flat paddle brush. This will maximise volume and smooth cuticles for a great base.
  2. Using a great iron like the Errol Douglas Treat&Style (available at Boots) that infuses Keratin from a capsule system as it styles will give high shine. Work in two inch sections around the head.
  3. Begin at the roots and pull the iron down for approximately two inches, rotate the iron 180 degrees then pull down again two inches, then turn back 180 and repeat this back and forth technique to the ends. You’ll be forming defined crests down the length of your hair as you go.
  4. Once complete brush through with the paddle brush to connect the waves and soften the overall look. Finish with a flexible hold spray and add a jeweled accessory for Gatsby panache!

The Boho look… As seen on Lauren Conrad

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If you’ve chosen a chilled-out festival theme and your dress has a billowing, lightweight skirt and delicate floral details, you’ll probably want your hairstyle to be quite relaxed, too. Plaits are on trend for brides right now and help you to create even more of a hippy vibe. Here’s how we’d recreate this look in the salon.

  1. Tong long hair in wide sections for softer shaped curls and use a spritz of shine spray whilst gently teasing out the shape for a glossy texture with a tail comb.
  2. To define eyes and cheekbones, take sections at the temples and loosely plait back to the crown and pin into place.
  3. Let the rest of your waves cascade down your back, which will draw attention to the open back of this gown styles without looking too risqué.

The Modern Retro look… As seen on Paloma Faith

Moving away from the boho theme, brides wanting a more structured look will love this chic 50s-inspired updo, as seen on Paloma Faith. This type of hairstyle works well with contemporary peplum gowns. This is a great look for a more urban wedding, too. Think Marilyn Monroe for now!

  1. Prep hair with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner and then give it a good speedy dry to lock in moisture and shine. The Errol Douglas Infrared Dryer dries from the inside out, so is both quick and kind to the hair.
  2. Before beginning to style dry hair, invest in some small clips to set your curls as they cool to guarantee a great lasting hold. Then wind one inch sections firmly around the barrel of the tong and hold for 5-8 seconds. Slide the tong out carefully as hair will be hot.
  3. Wrap the curls around your fingers and clip flat against the scalp. This technique allows the curl to cool and hold for longer before dressing your hair at the end. Warm hair is pliable and can drop its shape, whilst cool hair is set into place and longer lasting.
  4. Once you have repeated this all round spray the flat curls with strong hairspray before brushing out completely. The bounce of the curls will hold up and work in a mirror to tease into perfect Monroe shape! This can also easily be twisted up at the back for a glamorous updo alternative for your evening reception.

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