Once the toasts are made, the first dance has been danced and the wedding bouquet is thrown and you’re left with a mountain of presents, what happens with your beautiful wedding dress – now covered in champagne spills, muddy marks and makeup stains?

Although you may never wear your wedding dress again, cleaning and preserving it after your wedding is important so that brides can treasure their memories.

The UK’s leading dry cleaner, Johnson Cleaners have launched a new online wedding dress cleaning and preservation service, Johnsons Bridal, offering you a specialist home collection and delivery service.

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How does your specialist cleaning work?

The first step, after your relaxing, romantic, ‘wish it could last forever’ honeymoon, is to visit johnsonsbridal.com and follow our step-by-step guide. You can place your order and be able to pick a day best suited to you for your dress to be collected by our trusted courier partner. Once collected, your wedding dress will be passed through the pearly gates to our Specialist Wedding Dress Cleaning Room – where the magic really happens.

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Your wedding dress will then be handed to our team of skilled experts, whose knowledge of lace, tulle, silk, embellishments and beading is unrivalled. Your dress will be carefully inspected and every mark and stain will be identified and then individually treated.

Marks and stains on delicate fabrics that are used to make wedding dresses can’t always be seen by the naked eye. Yellowing can appear on your beloved wedding dress years later if it’s not discovered and correctly cleaned. However, you don’t need to worry about this with Johnsons Bridal. We send all wedding dresses into our UV chambers where each dress sits under UV lighting and our team of experts look over your dress again, searching for these invisible marks. We find champagne is a common culprit!


The science behind it

The science behind our cleaning is unlike any other dry cleaners. We dry clean exclusively using GreenEarth® – a gentle alternative to traditional dry cleaning solutions which is ideal for delicate fabrics and detailing often found on wedding dresses. GreenEarth® cleaning is important for you and your wedding dress and here is why:

Most other dry cleaners use Percholorethylene (Perc) which can strip and dissolve embellishments and sequins and can sometimes vastly alter the shape of your dress. GreenEarth®, however, is gentle, meaning that it’s perfect for delicate fabrics, embellishments and lace.


Reunited with your wedding dress

After being carefully cleaned, your dress will be returned to you in a beautiful hand –finished presentation box made from specially milled neutral board, which will protect the dress from the light while allowing the fabric inside to breathe. Your dress will be folded in layers of acid-free tissue paper to prevent any discolouration over time and preserves your wedding dress, and all of your wonderful memories, for years to come.

The final step is our favourite; you’ll be reunited with your wedding dress. Via courier, your dress will be safely delivered back to you in perfect condition, meaning that in years to come, your daughter can wear it too.


Want to find out more? Head to johnsonsbridal.com! Still don’t know if you’ve found the perfect dress for your big day? Check out these 7 signs to tell you you’ve found ‘the one’!