We know we put an emphasis on the women but guys, your wedding day is equally as huge for you and your groomsmen. Men don’t have many opportunities to get formally dressed up so a wedding is a great excuse to pull out all the stops. Our quick and easy guide will explain how to buy a wedding suit to ensure you’re looking sharp on your big day.


How to buy a Wedding Suit

Firstly, shop online to get a feel for what cuts, styles and colours you like and what falls within your budget. Secondly, take yourself in store to try before you buy. This is your chance to get measured professionally and to get an understanding of what styles suit your shape.

You need to determine whether what you want is feasible, so you can manage your budget accordingly. You also need to consider the seasons. If you’re getting married in the summer, opt for a lighter option so you’re not dripping during the ceremony.

Finally, you need to decide how much of a statement you want to make. Do you want a pop of colour? Do you want to go super-flashy? What about print suits? It’s your day and your choice. Just think about the wedding photos!

Morning Dress

If you’re feeling really flashy then top hats and tailcoats may be your first choice. It’s the traditional and most formal option for your big day. You’ll need the full getup including the waistcoat the formal striped trousers, braces and dress shoes. If you really want to look the part, a pocket watch and cane (or umbrella) are the final accessories to polish off the look.

This flash look will set you back something north of £500.

Tails only

A bit of a halfway house between the morning suit and a normal suit, just opt for the tailcoat with a waistcoat and tie.

This look will set you back roughly £350.

Tuxedo or suit?

Are you wondering what differentiates the two? We’ll tell you: satin. Tuxedos have satin lapels and satin trimming whereas suits don’t. A tuxedo is the more formal of the two and is worn for black tie events.


In a classic black tuxedo you may look and feel like James Bond, but we’d recommend you take it slow on the martinis on your big day. If you are getting married later in the day, a tux always seems like the best option as it will carry you through the evening.

Dress your look with formal shoes and a quality dress shirt and complete your look with a bow tie. This dapper look will set you back roughly £300 in totality.


The more casual option of the three and the more comfortable option for a midday wedding. Go for a double-breasted jacket with peak lapels, a dress shirt, traditional tie and some classic oxford shoes. Why not match your tie to the theme of your wedding?

This clean-cut look will set you back about £200

Alternative options

If money is no option, you can look at having a tailormade suit to meet all your needs. If budget is your biggest concern, there are some great websites with weddings suits available to hire.


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