How exciting is it once you’ve got your whole wedding outfit sorted? The answer is: SO exciting. And putting it all on when it’s finally the big day itself? Even better.

What you definitely don’t want is your wedding shoes to be uncomfortable on the day though, so here’s how to break them in…

Walk around

Whilst we’re sure you don’t fancy doing your weekly food shop in your brand new wedding shoes, it is a good idea to walk around your house in them. This way it keeps them clean, and no one will be staring at you, questioning your footwear choice as you walk around Tesco. 2013-07-27 00199

Bring them to work!

If you feel like home time is get-on-the-sofa-and-not-move time, then why not bring your wedding shoes to work? We’re not saying you should jazz up your everyday work attire, but bring them along to wear under your desk – your colleagues will never even know. Plus, what better time to be reminded that your wedding is coming soon by slipping on those shoes at work!?

Socks and sandals

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You’ve probably heard this before and laughed at the idea of you slipping on either layers and layers of socks, or digging out your ski socks from your wardrobe and then stepping into your brand new wedding shoes. But seriously! It works a treat for your feet – stretching them with big, thick socks saves you blisters, as well as reminding you that those comfy socks existed. GemmaWilliamsPhotography_Jenna&Lee_009

Heat it up

Blasting your shoes with a hairdryer – as strange as that sounds – is a good way to make the shoes a little more comfortable and blister-proof for your big day. However, before you go for anywhere near that plug, please, please please check your shoes are heat resistant. We take no responsibility for melted wedding shoes!

Go professional

When you don’t trust yourself to deal with breaking in your wedding shoes, go to the professionals at the shoe repair shop. They’ll know every single type of shoe inside out, and exactly what to do to make it fit for the bride on her wedding day!  michelle&jon-51 - Copy

Don’t forget to put in the sixpence piece for the actual day! How about these 6 common mistakes brides make with their wedding shoes?