Want to feel great as you’re walking up the aisle? Of course you do! As you count down to your wedding day, we’ve brought in a team of experts to help you feel the best you before saying ‘I do’.

How to be the Best ‘you’ on Your Wedding day
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How to be the Best you on Your Wedding day

If feeling your best is the holy grail of bridal beauty, sometimes it takes more than pre-wedding facials and slathering on an all-over moisturiser. Smart food choices, staying active, sleeping well, being mindful, and enjoying this time with your friends and family will all help you manage emotions.

It’s hard in today’s fast-paced lifestyle – even harder for those buried deep in wedding planning – but what if there was a panel of experts who could help those worries melt away? Think of this as your no-workout workout – getting your mind and body in shape without having to set foot in the gym…

Have wedmin-free days

To quieten that constant chatter in your mind, set aside one day a week when you don’t do anything wedding-related at all,” says London-based Malminder Gill, who recently launched her bridal anxiety programme. “This will help you can connect with other areas of your life, and it’ll really make a difference to how much you enjoy the planning process.”

Gain mental clarity from meditation

She adds: “Get up half an hour earlier each day if you can, for some quiet time. This not only sets you up for a positive and productive day, but it also helps to provide the clarity you need to make essential wedding decisions.”

Pay attention to how you’re feeling

It’s so easy to let the moments pass by in a blur, especially on the day itself, so practice being present in the moment beforehand,” says Malminder.

“For instance, at your dress fittings, take the time to engage your emotions and think about how wearing that outfit makes you feel.

How to be the Best ‘you’ on Your Wedding day
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Get into the habit of telling yourself to ‘remember this feeling and treasure it’, from the way your partner looks at you as you walk up the aisle to dancing with your friends and family at the end of the night.”

Beat that bloated feeling

“Feeling bloated will only make you feel self-conscious,” explains nutritional therapist, Madeleine Shaw. “In the week before the wedding, try switching white bread for rye, pasta for courgetti, tea with sugar for green tea, cocktails for red wine and sugary breakfast cereals for eggs with avocado.”

Mindfulness extends to eating, too

“Be conscious of chewing thoroughly before you swallow and making good choices. In all areas of your life, give yourself time and don’t put too much pressure on yourself,” adds Madeleine.

Still indulge in things you love

“After all, the build-up should be fun! Family walks, Sunday roasts,” she says. “They’ll all help you stress less and smile more. And we all know a smile’s the best thing anyone can wear…”

If you must diet, diet smart

CEO Geeta Sidhu-Robb, founder of Nosh Detox, says: “Don’t overeat or starve yourself. In the months before the wedding, focus on a diet balanced with protein, healthy fats (nuts and seeds), fibrous veg (broccoli and cauliflower) and smart carbs (sweet potatoes, brown rice and quinoa). This will provide you with the right blend of vitamins and nutrients.”

Find the right ‘workout’ for you

“We’re all different – and our bodies are too,” she says. “Don’t punish yourself with gruelling routines in the gym. I recommend walking more when you can and a mixture of weight training, cardio and yoga to calm the mind.”

Avoid the scales

“Feeling healthy does not necessarily mean losing weight. But if shaping up is your goal, you’re more likely to see true progress by looking at yourself in the mirror,” Geeta explains. “A healthy body will show much more than numbers on a scale will – and will give you the right motivation to keep going!”

Affirmations work wonders

“It can be something as simple as ‘I release all stress – I am not stressed’ or ‘I know this day will go well’,” says Pandora Paloma, founder of Rooted Living. Pandora’s new book Intuitive Living is also published on 2 May.

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“The subconscious part of your brain repeats back what you tell it, so saying these to yourself daily in the run-up to the wedding means you’ll be more likely feel that confidence and believe it.”

Write a ‘valuables’ list

“This is a list of unique traits that make you valuable! Think about why you’re loved, what you’re proud of and the reasons why this wonderful person has chosen you to spend the rest of their life with,” she says. “The very action of writing these down will send powerful confidence to your mindset.”

Don’t compare yourself

Pandora adds: “From your body and dress choice to décor and colour schemes, our image-driven society can get the better of us and send us into compare and despair mode. When anxieties or comparison creep in, come back to you. Is this what you want? Does it feel right for you? Remember, the grass isn’t always greener…’

Sleep is important

“Good sleep is vital for a glowing complexion, as this is when your skin cells detoxify, repair and regenerate. It’s also important for looking after yourself mentally,” says Noella Gabriel, co-founder and president of Elemis.

Go quality over quantity

“Your skin is a mirror of your lifestyle, so even if you are getting eight hours a night, your complexion can still be affected if you’re stressed and tired during the day,” explains Noella. “The deep sleep cycles are when your body works on the restorative process.”

Combine a holistic approach with scientific skincare products

“Your lifestyle choices play a huge part in skin health, but the combination of science and nature plays a part, too,” she says.

Take some ‘you’ time every day

Carly Rowena, trained health expert advises: “Schedule in 20 minutes of movement each day – whether that’s walking outside in the fresh air, a quick yoga class or a mad dance around the living room. Make time to move your body and you’ll find that your mind clicks refresh, too.”

Up your water intake

“It’ll not only make you feel better on the inside, but it’ll also give your skin that desired healthy glow,” she adds.

Pop on an epic playlist

Carly explains: “I created one especially for my wedding morning, with my fiancé, and it was a lovely way to wake up and instantly feel connected to him while getting ready.”


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