Following on from part 1 of our A-Z of romance feature, we discuss the best ideas and tips for keeping the spark alive after the big day…


Sounds unlikely, but a great way to up the romance on your relationship is to spread the love around! Start comparing notes with your guy about your single friends and see if any are compatible. You could be the key to many beautiful relationships and recapture some of the thrill from when you were dating.


Every couple has their own special names for one another – they’re unique, ultra-personal and a sweet way to add a little romance into every conversation you have.

Occupational hazards!

Ban any work chat with your partner at certain times, whether it’s during meal times or when you’re in the car. Find other, more romantic topics of conversation – it will be much more fun, we promise!

Plant a tree

how-to-be-romantic-the-a-z-of-romance-pt-2-bushWhat better symbol is there of a strengthening relationship than watching your own tree grow over the years? Plant one in your own garden or see if your local arboretum or park has a tree-planting scheme.

Quality time

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Turn off your phones, unplug the TV and lock the front door to set the scene for some true ‘couple’ time. Take the opportunity to reconnect however you like…

Rose ceremonies

Include one of these in your wedding ceremony and you’ll make a promise to leave a rose in a particular place in your home on your anniversary and every time you have cross words with each other during your marriage. It’s a simple way to forgive one another after an argument and a reminder of your love and the vows you made.


A great way to keep romance alive in a relationship is with unexpected treats, from buying your h2b his favourite chocolate bar, to preparing the way for an intimate evening alone after a hard day at work.

Treasure hunt

Add some mystery to your h2b’s day by leaving an intriguing trail of clues for him to find you. Perhaps you’ll be waiting somewhere at home, or, for a little more fun, a location for dinner? Text and email him clues through the day and see how quickly he discovers your whereabouts!



We’re not talking disguises here! How about spending a night under canvas, beneath the stars? Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? And it’s no problem if the wind’s howling outside either, just snuggle up to keep warm!

Very important vows

The promises you made in front of all your guests on your wedding day are some of the most significant words you’ll ever speak. Up the romance stakes at any moment by repeating your promises and watch your partner’s heart melt as the memories from your big day come flooding back.

Wallow in your wedding day!

Relive the memories of your big day by grabbing your wedding album whenever you and your husband need an injection of romance in your day. Cuddle up and pick your favourite moments from the most important day of your lives.


how-to-be-romantic-the-a-z-of-romance-pt-2-sexyDon’t forget to sign off your notes to one another with a loving kiss… or five! Use text messages and personal emails to tell your h2b when you’re thinking of him and don’t be stingy with your kisses either! Why not send a text full of them? A little text flirting never hurt anyone!

Young, foolish and happy

Stop worrying about all the boring stuff in life, forget you’re an adult and let your inner teenager out – that means having fun! Laughter is a great stress buster and it works wonders in a relationship, so make each other giggle!

Zero tolerance

Let boredom and monotony have no place in your relationship, as ever-changing and complex as it is, your marriage will benefit from an injection of passion at any time to keep the flame alive. After all, a classic romance never goes out of date.

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What do you think about these tips on how to be romantic? Do you think romantic sparks die out over time?