Make the honeymoon period last forever! These ‘how to be romantic’ ideas in the first of our two-part feature are filled with secrets for injecting romance into every day of your marriage!


Arrange a rendezvous

Make a weekly date with your h2b to meet up after work away from home. It’ll bring back memories of the butterflies and anticipation you felt on those all important first dates, and add some romance to your working week.

Breakfast in bed

A classic and still the best way to enjoy the first meal of the day. Set your alarm early and prepare your husband-to-be’s favourite breakfast, all ready to be enjoyed under the duvet.

Compliment him

Tell your h2b and everyone else just why you love him so much at every opportunity.

Dress to impress

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Banish your slouchy jeans and comfy slippers whenever you’re in the mood for romance. When your h2b sees you’ve made a special effort, he’ll know he’s in for something more than a night in front of the television.

End on a high note

Let romance be the last thing you think of as you drift off to sleep. Never go to bed without saying, ‘I love you’, no matter how tired you are, how early you need to get up or how interesting your book is!

First-class post

The post is an under-used tool in the romancer’s armoury, so why not use the element of surprise and send your husband-to-be a love note whenever you’re parted for more than a day? And don’t forget to seal the envelope with a kiss.

Get in the kitchen

Thanks to Nigella and Gordon, cooking is now infused as much with passion as it is with flavours. Make time to try out your favourite recipes on each other and impress with your culinary skills on a regular basis.

Hold on tight

Don’t miss out on any chances to grab your h2b’s hand and make the most of a romantic stroll together!

I’m in the mood for dancing

Whether it’s your first dance tune, the first CD he bought you or just a favourite track on the radio, pull your partner close whenever a great tune is playing and slow dance your way to bliss.


Build your very own language of love by inventing code words between you and your husband-to-be. Drop them into the conversation whenever you’re feeling amorous!

Kiss me quick!

Or maybe slow? Take every opportunity to share a kiss with your h2b and make the most of it – turn every clinch into a full-blown, Hollywood-style smacker to really pump up the volume on romance.

Let’s go fly a kite

Get outdoors with your man for a frivolous and fun activity. From kite-flying to tandem bicycling, find something fun to do and enjoy each other’s company.

What do you think about these tips on how to be romantic? Do you think romantic sparks die out over time?