Ladies, it’s a sad truth that wedding planning isn’t always fun and games. A lot of brides-to-be end up feeling frustrated, stressed, upset or just sick of the whole thing! If you’re feeling like this, then don’t worry. It’s perfectly natural when you’re under pressure, and you’ll be back to yourself in no time. We asked our Facebook brides how they coped with the wedding planning blues, and here’s their advice!

If your dress is chosen, go back to the shop and try it on – that should hopefully make you feel a bit more bridal. Or, you could arrange a hair or makeup trial so you’re being pampered at the same time as doing something useful! Emma

Have a break from wedding stuff completely – go and do something with your h2b and don’t talk about or do anything wedding-related. Remember why you’re doing this in the first place. I found it helped me focus on what was important, i.e. the marriage and not all the fluff of the day! Amy

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I was starting to feel really flat with everything we had planned, so I went and bought the veil to go with my dress, which helped. We then got a letter telling us that our venue had been sold and our booking cancelled! We are now in the process of replanning and rebooking everything and I am so much more focused – I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone though! Jenni

Get your bridesmaids and girlfriends round and open the wine… or even better, the Champagne! Have a pre-wedding planning night of girly giggles and get everybody to come up with at least one planning idea to discuss for your big day. Have fun! Inspired by Lisa

Take breaks, otherwise planning becomes a chore and a job. Don’t try to do too much at one time because it will stress you out, and life’s stressful enough! Brandy

Remember it is a stage and it will pass. It will start being more fun soon, promise! When I was in that stage I roped some friends in and told them I wasn’t having fun. It was all hands on deck and we arranged some wedding-related trips and outings. Their brief was to help me get the fun back and it worked! Danielle

Have a darn good cry. Planning a wedding isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s hard when you expect it all to be lovely and romantic and it isn’t always. So do what I did: have a good scream and a good cry, then get out the thing that you love most about your wedding so far. It’ll make you smile and you’ll be inspired all over again. Lee-Ann

Have a break from it!  Wedding planning is supposed to be fun and exciting. How about planning your hen do instead? Think of all the things that have gone right and tackle the more stressful stuff when you have the motivation, energy and maybe some help from your groom, maid of honour or mum! Rachael

It will all come together in the end. Remember to delegate, or better still, employ a wedding planner. You get all the fun of looking forward to the big day without the headache of organising things and dealing with suppliers. Emma

Have a date night! Go do something fun with your h2b where wedding talk is banned. Stop focusing on the day itself, clear your head and remind yourselves WHY you are marrying each other. Keri

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