When it comes to your wedding day you want ‘wows’, ‘oohs’, and ‘ahs’ and not the sound of snoring coming from each table. Take on these top tips and your guests will remember your big day for all the right reasons…

Learn from experience

What made you yawn and fidget when you’ve been a wedding guest before? Pick up on what went on for too long, what didn’t work, but also what you and other guests enjoyed, and what DID work and try to incorporate that into your day.

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Include your h2b

Getting your hubby-to-be involved on the process of wedding planning means you have more of a manly insight. You might believe you can think for everyone, but your future groom might enlighten you to some new ideas. Plus, you definitely don’t want a bored and grumpy groom to deal with on your special day because none of the ideas have been his.

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Short and sweet

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Let’s face it, when people get excited about weddings, they’re not thinking about a long ceremony. It’s a special moment, but consider the guests when you’ve just finished the first draft of your vows that makes up five A4 pages…

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Keep delays at bay

Delays are common at weddings but that doesn’t mean there has to be a lull in proceedings. Think about what your guests will be doing when you’re off having your traditional wedding photographs taken – arrange some entertainment, giant garden games or a ice cream truck in the summer, or mulled wine and toasted marshmallows in winter perhaps?

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Walk-around acts

If you’re worried that conversation might not flow during the reception, consider booking a walkaround act like a magician, who can mingle with your guests. Alternatively a caricaturist works well, and then these pictures could be taken home as favours at the end of the night. Photo booths also make a great talking point for guests – if budget is tight, why not create your own with props and a polaroid?


Be yourselves

And last but certainly not least, forget what people expect or will think and do what makes you and your husband happy! It’s way too hard to please everyone so don’t get too bogged down in that and concentrate on yourselves. After all, the day is all about you. Do what YOU feel comfortable with; you can add to, take away from, or embellish  traditions as much as you want. Let your personalities shine through and you’ll avoid a boring day – guaranteed!

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Being yourself is easy, but we can also help you with the harder bits of wedding planning right here, including ways to keep your groom interested!