No one likes waking up with a blocked nose, tickling throat, and all the other ‘delights’ that can come with being ill, especially when it’s their big day. But fear not, we’ve put together seven ways to avoid getting ill on your wedding day! A healthy bride is a happy bride…  S&T-272 copy

Get your 7 hours

Sleep is so important to your body and your health. Trying to get at least seven hours of it a night is the first step towards a healthy, non-sniffly bride on her wedding day. Plus, if you’re feeling stressed, having a good snooze will help that too.

Drink lots of water

Make sure you’re drinking at least eight glasses of water a day! It’s super important to keep hydrated every day, especially if you’re having a summer wedding. And hey, if you’re looking to lose weight before W-day, you might just see the benefit of drinking all this water too… Proctor0979

Up the hygiene

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Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene. Keep those germs well away from your bridely-self, and just exaggerate the basics: washing your hands whenever possible, hand sanitiser and tissue packets in your handbag at all times, and get fresh air whenever you can!

Cut down on alcohol

Alcoholic drinks have an effect on your immune system, so drinking too much means you’re more susceptible to getting that summer cold you’ve been trying to avoid. Plan in the hen party with plenty of recovery time. And swap the gin and tonic for a different type of G&T: green tea! MR 0584

Head to the gym

Exercise is known to reduce the chance of catching a cold, so get to the gym! If you’re not keen on paying out for the gym membership, there are lots of other options, from taking up running or jogging, to at-home exercise DVDs or YouTube videos.

Eat well

In the run up to the big day, you’ve got to make sure you’re eating well. None of these silly diets that rule out certain food groups! A diet full of fruit and vegetables is essential for a healthy body inside and out, even helping your skin to glow. An apple a day keeps the doctor away after all… Anna and Derek-656

Keep social

Keeping cooped up in your house, staying away from everyone because of the potential risk of catching someone’s summer cold, is not actually the best idea. Get the right balance of relaxation and staying social to make sure your stress levels from all this wedding planning don’t go through the roof.

Sufferer of hayfever? We can help you there as well! For other tricks and treats for every bride’s health, or if you’re looking to lose some weight for your wedding day, head to our Health and Lifestyle section!