Given the state of this summer, it’s not surprising that we’re not all looking at our most bronzed. We’ve got the tanning experts at St Moriz to give you their top fake tan tips to give you the wedding day glow you’re after…

Test it out

To ensure you have a tan and shade that will suit your skin and that you’re confident in applying, ensure you have a few practice runs in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

Build it up

If you’re nervous about the colour, or a first-time tanner, a gradual tan can be perfect. You can build up a gradual glow in the run up to the wedding for a subtle and natural-looking colour without the worry of making an obvious mistake. One layer will give a light glow, two a medium colour, and three a ‘I’ve just had a week in the sun’ look. Hollie&Paul-86


For the best possible tan, exfoliate in the run up to tanning, at least 24 hours ahead.

Make it smooth

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We also recommend shaving your legs with conditioner (trust us!), 24 hours before you tan for extra smooth application!

Shower time!

Always ensure perfumes, deodorants and make-up have been removed before tanning – sometimes it’s best to have a quick shower before, but avoid using oily shower products. However, make sure you leave your skin at least 30 minutes to settle and close your pores.

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Moisturise dry areas of skin before applying tan – the main bodypart offenders are your knees, wrists, elbows and ankles.

Get a mitt

Use a mitt or a glove to apply your tan – we prefer a mitt because it’s faster and involved a lot less rubbing and blending.

Keep it to a minimum

Work in sections using a small amount for each area; overloading your mitt usually leaves excess tan sat on your skin, which will either streak or take forever to dry. You don’t want an orange mark down your white dress, do you!

Work up

Start with your shins and calf, and then work up the thigh. Don’t apply more tan to the feet, simply use what’s left on your mitt and blend down the foot. Then, work up your body and apply the same technique to your hands as you did for your feet: using what’s left on the mitt from your forearms to apply.

Cool as ice

When tanning your face, ensure your pores have closed. To do this, we recommend rubbing an ice cube over your face and nose. Seriously! Do it!

Let it dry

Allow plenty of time for your tan to dry before dressing in loose, dark clothing to assure that it doesn’t get on, or stain, anything it shouldn’t. Helena&James-NR1_5685


We would advise that you should apply the tan before bed and showering the next day.

Moisturise (again!)

Once you’ve showered and the guide colour has rinsed off, moisturise your skin to keep your tan looking its best for longer.

Shower (again, and again!)

If you use a developing tan for your wedding glow, ensure you have showered twice before the big day so all guide colour has been washed off your skin.


Finishing touch

Using bronzers to highlight your collar bones and shoulders on the day can really help accentuate your glow on camera, providing the perfect finish touch!

If you want a great tanning brand to use for your big day, Wedding Ideas are big fans of St Moriz and totally recommend them. Find out more about them and their products here!