Back in the day, you’d never ask for money as a wedding gift. Instead you would gratefully have received toasters, towels, bed linen, crockery, pots and pans and have had a traditional wedding list.

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How to ask for money

However, with many couples already sharing a home together when they marry, they’re usually pretty set up on the domestic front.

And with the current economy being what it is, money is always welcome as a wedding present.  Cash to go towards a mortgage, your honeymoon, your kids.  Or money to just make your wedding more of the day you dream of it being.

If you were Italian it wouldn’t be a problem.  Italian brides traditionally carry a small satin bag into which guests place envelopes of banknotes.  In Poland guests pin money to the bride’s wedding dress!

Money, money, money

So – money it is then.  But how do you go about asking for hard cash instead of gifts without offending anyone?

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Well – you could start with subsidising your honeymoon.  It’s becoming more common for couples to include a card with the wedding invitation stating that no gifts are expected but contributions towards the honeymoon of the couples’ dreams are welcome.  Guests can then pay into a special account set up online, so it’s quick, easy and discreet.

Traditionally, the bride’s parents usually footed the bill for the wedding but times have changed and now it’s often the bride and groom who pick up the tab.  As a compromise you could ask guests to pay for a certain aspect of your wedding reception – the photobooth for example, the evening entertainment, the flowers.

Alternatively you could create a ‘Wishing Well’ which is a sort of online gift registry for cash.  A poem is written for you which discreetly asks for finance and then guests can donate a certain amount into your ‘Wishing Well’, which you can then put towards anything you need.

You can also have a posting box at your wedding reception for cards which enclose financial contributions.

Everyone knows that money is tight right now and most of your guests will want to give the bride and groom what they want.  You don’t have to be greedy or demanding – you can ask for money in a subtle, quiet way and it’s fine.

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