Every bride wants to save money on her wedding dress but no bride wants to sacrifice style! We asked the experts at Romantica of Devon for the best ways to save money on that all-important purchase and achieve a glamorous bridal look at the same time…


Choose an affordable brand

Choosing your dream wedding dress doesn’t have to mean blowing the budget. There are beautiful budget ranges available, just like the Pure Bridal and Romantica collections. These are targeted specifically at brides who are on a tight budget, so each gown is designed with this in mind.

It is a case of simply researching your labels and finding out which ranges are within your price bracket. These dresses might be more affordable but that doesn’t mean that any of the glamour has been sacrificed. Each dress will still be designed with careful consideration and with the latest fashions in mind, you just spend a significantly smaller section of that all-important wedding budget. It’s a no-brainer!


Keep it simple and accessorize

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Accessorizing your bridal look is a big trend right now – think boleros and belts! The key to saving money here is by choosing a plainer dress. Generally speaking if you choose a dress with little or no detailing then you will find that the price tag will be considerably lighter.

The range of belts, jackets and straps which bridal suppliers can now offer is outstanding and these simple additions can change a dress completely. So, just because a dress does not start out being your dream dress, it doesn’t mean you can’t create it – and still be within budget!


Avoid custom alterations

So, you’re currently stood in what you think is your dream dress but you want to change the neckline and the back fastening. You have two choices: get some pretty pricey alterations or try another gown. A dress can start off being affordable but when you start factoring in all the alteration costs you are going to be significantly bumping up the price.

The odds are that if you keep trying a few more dresses, you are more likely to find ‘the one’ which is more suited to what you had in mind for your theme. Never forget that you do not have to make a decision there and then, take time to think things through and always keep your budget in mind.


Don’t be tempted by fakes

Even though saving money may blind you to the dangers of a deal which might be too good to be true, quite often if you are buying online it probably is. A lot of replica websites have been set up by factories producing fake wedding dresses.

They seem to be the real thing but, in fact, they are often poorly constructed, half-finished dresses that no bride would want to be seen dead in! You might think that you are saving money by visiting these sites but when you have to buy a second dress to replace the first one, it becomes one stressful – and expensive – nightmare.

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