If you’re struggling to decide how much wedding cake you need, take a look at this handy guide from cake expert Rebecca at The Sugar Plum Cake Company


It doesn’t really doesn’t matter how many guests you have coming to your wedding, because your wedding cake can be as big as you like – with as little or as much real cake as you need! Take a look at this handy guide below from the Vanilla Bean Bakery. Decide if you will be serving your cake as dessert or if you will be handing it out later in the evening with tea or coffee, in which case it will be cut up into finger portions.


Lots of cake designers, including myself, now use polystyrene tiers instead of real cake. So if you want four tiers but only need 80 portions, that’s no problem! For instance, you could have a four-tier round cake in the following sizes…

4-inch polystyrene dummy
6-inch real cake
8-inch polystyrene dummy
10-inch real cake

When you are looking at different wedding cake designs and find one that you fall in love with, don’t be put off by its size. Ask your cake maker if they can add polystyrene tiers to give you the height that you want, without the extra cost.


When you go to your initial wedding cake consultation, try to make as much information with you as you can. Pictures, drawings, materials and lace swatches from your dress will all be useful to your cake maker in understanding the look that you want.


When it comes to trends, wedding cakes have become real statement pieces but that doesn’t have to mean big – think creative, quirky and personalised to the couple and their theme. This year we’re seeing a lot of simple yet stylish naked cakes, soft ombre shades, gorgeous ruffles and unusual designs. Don’t stick with tradition if that doesn’t fit with your theme – let your imagination run riot!

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