According to a recent study, the average guest spends on average £400 every time they attend a wedding.

The research done by leading discount website, shows just how much women have to dish out every time they attend a friend or relative’s big day!

wedding guests costs

A guest will spend around £210 on their wedding outfit, paying £100 for a dress and a further £50 on a pair of shoes to match. Not forgetting vital accessories including a clutch bag and jewellery costing an extra £60.

Many women choose for their picture-perfect look to be created for them, with some girls forking out £60 to get their hair and make-up ready for the special event.

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Other optional extras for the guests include £80 for a hotel just for one evening, and the wedding gift for the happy couple, which normally costs around £50.

“Weddings are such a fun and exciting time for everyone, but they are definitely a very expensive occasion, especially for women,” says “The best thing to do when you know you have an upcoming wedding is put a bit of money aside every week, that way you have your money at the ready when the costs start flying in.”

Wedding guest advice

If you’re attending a big bash this summer, here are our three top tips for dressing on the day…

Don’t wear white

This is a big no-no for weddings, wearing white is by far the biggest mistake that any wedding guest can make. In a white dress, the possibility of being confused for the bride is all too great so no matter how good white looks on you, give it a miss – just for one day.

wedding guests

No jeans

Regardless of the dress code wearing jeans is not acceptable at weddings. If it were your wedding, you’d expect guests to make an effort. Use weddings as an opportunity to dress up and show off your new outfit.

Nothing too skimpy

See-through fabrics, plunging necklines and cutaway dresses should all be worn with caution. Weddings are family events so steer clear of anything too daring or risqué. If you’d wear it for a night on the town, it’s probably not appropriate for a wedding.

How much are you asking guests to pay to attend your wedding? Are they paying for their own accommodation? Are you asking for gifts? Come and chat with us on the Wedding Ideas Forum.