Why have just one honeymoon when you can have two? New research shows that couples are treating themselves to a mini-break before their big blow-out getaway– and we can’t blame them!

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A YouGov survey of over 2,000 people, commissioned by Hotels4u, found that 43% of Brits would be likely to take a mini-moon after they got married. And of those mini-mooners, 76% said they were likely to take longer and more expensive honeymoons up to a year after the wedding.

The most popular choices for the mini-moon are UK coastal or countryside breaks with 36% of couples choosing this, closely followed by the European mini-break option. And if you are heading off straight after the wedding, make sure you pack the right things with our honeymoon suitcase checklist!


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81% of people polled said that they’d use their mini-moon break to spend quality time with their new hubby or wife, and unsurprisingly 55% said they would use the getaway to de-stress from their wedding planning. However, consummating the marriage may be off the agenda for some… 18% said that they’d use the break to catch up on their sleep!

Tim Bekir, the Commercial Manager at Hotels4U explained the double-honeymoon trend: “The most popular reason for people to take a mini-moon is to simply enjoy two breaks with their partner. People obviously want to extend their wedding celebrations for as long as they can. But taking a mini-moon also gives newlyweds more time to save for their bigger honeymoon, and more time to properly plan it, too, so they can really get the most out of their time away.”

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Mammy Maguire, a Communications Manager from Manchester took a mini-moon to Prague straight after her wedding in April, and has a two-week mega-moon booked in November, visiting Las Vegas and Mexico. “It took two years of hard saving to pay for our wedding, so we didn’t want the added pressure of paying for a honeymoon on top of this,” she explains. “Our long weekend in Prague gave us the perfect opportunity to recharge our batteries after a frantic couple of weeks in the run-up to the wedding. Knowing that we still have our main honeymoon to look forward to is really exciting and prolongs the celebrations for another six months!”

Mammy and Gary

To help newlyweds pick their mini-moon destination, Hotels4U has created an onsite guide to couples’ breaks, with lots of tips for blagging honeymoon upgrades, too – perfect! Looking for more honeymoon advice? We’ve got lots of tips, inspiration and experiences from our real brides right here!