After the bride’s dress, the best man’s speech is the most exciting part of any wedding day. Guests have long wagered how long the speeches will last but now you can bet on it for real thanks to an exciting new service… your best man the kind of guy who relishes the floor and will have to be separated from the microphone after half an hour, or is he the shy type, all red face and sweaty palms, willing it to be over? Sounds like it’s time to place a bet!

Enter Tedbets, the UK’s only platform where friends can bet on anything they like – sporting events, trivia, even personal bets. The choices are endless – how long will the best man’s speech last? Will the groom cry at the altar? Will the bride make a speech? Will a guest hook up with a bridesmaid? The choice is yours!

“Perhaps one of the reasons that bets work so well on wedding days is that it’s a natural, social thing to do among friends, and it helps spur individuals on to prove they can achieve something,” says Tedbets CEO Scott Burton.

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“Being the UK’s only betting platform where friends can bet each other on anything, we’ve seen for ourselves that people are both inspired to bet on things, and also prove themselves right.”

To find out more, and to start Tedbetting, visit the Tedbets website. Does your best man need some top tips for his speech? We’ve got some great suggestions here. And if you were going to place a bet on the big day, what would it be?