These days the length of an engagement has dropped, with most averaging around 15 months. So we ask the question, how long should an engagement be? it comes to saving money so that you can spend it all on your dream day, long engagements can be more beneficial than short ones. But the extra time can make a bride or groom impatient; they feel they have too much time on their hands, the excitement from the proposal is lost, and close friends and family get engaged AND married within their engagement time-span.

@inspiratgifts says on Twitter “17 years to get the ring, and a year so far!”

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For some people, the first step after putting a ring on it will be to set the date. Booking your venue will be the next big thing on your mind after the proposal, but your dream venue might not be available for your dream date. With a long engagement and the right amount of organisation, you can almost guarantee getting the wedding you want. On the other hand, shot-gun weddings can bring discounts in the form of last minute availability and cancellations, but it can be a risky strategy.

“We got engaged in June 2011 and are getting married in October 2012, so we’ll have about 16 months planning. When we got engaged we both said we were getting “engaged to be married” not “engaged to be engaged”. We knew we wanted to be married in less than 2 years. H2B’s sister had quite a long engagement…we just knew this wasn’t for us”
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Don’t get cold feet!

Prolonging the engagement sometimes gives couples time to change and re-analyse things. Occasionally this ends up with someone getting cold feet. If you get married quickly, cold feet are less likely when you get caught up in a whirlwind of wedding planning and financial commitments. Of course, getting cold feet is a worst case scenario. More common changes of heart include debating whether the blue bridesmaid dresses work as well with the theme as you first thought they did, or questioning whether the floral centrepieces were worth all that money. Indecisive minds during a long engagement are taunted over time as they pick up on new and better ideas everywhere they go.

So, what do you think? How long was your engagement? How long should it be?

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  1. Were getting married in September next year and got engaged June 2011, over two years but it has given us plenty of time to save up for our dream day πŸ™‚ Money was the deciding factor really, and I’m still a student nurse until this september when I start my new job full time so saving has been a bit on the slow side…

  2. me and my fiance got engaged after knowing each other for 6 months and got married 6 months after that. No waiting around for them!

  3. We got engaged on 9th July this year, and we want to enjoy just bein engaged for a while. We’ve agreed we’ll sit down in January and talk about budgets etc. Hasn’t stopped me looking though!!! πŸ™‚

    • Same with me Amy. We got engaged in July and just want to enjoy the engagement for a while. It will be 14 months total engagement when we get married (we did set a date after 3 months of engagement).

  4. I was engaged to my B2B for 5years before we got married 6weeks ago, it was the best time just enjoying being engaged, and also making sure it’s what we both wanted.

  5. When I get married next year it will have been 4 years and one day since I got engaged because although we could have got married earlier with inheritance money we decided using it on a deposit for a first house was more important.
    This way I’ve had time to save up, plan and feel ready for marriage.

  6. Me and my h2b have been together for eight years and engaged for six years, by the time the big day comes we will have been together for just short of 10 years!! We know it’s a long engagement and that was never the plan but a series of unfortunate events kept pushing the date back. To be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way now. We are both in secure employment (a luxury we didn’t have before!!) and we can enjoy the planning rather than stressing about every penny!!

  7. I’ve been engaged to my fiancee for quite a few months now. We don’t plan on getting married until fall of 2015/2016, so that’s well over a year for her to save and me to plan it. We want to do this once and we want to make it perfect πŸ˜€ Good luck on your big day!

  8. I have been engaged for 10 yrs and 5 mo now and we have been together for 11.5 years. We still have not set a date nor have we even discussed approx when we will actually get married. I want a wedding with friends and family and he wants a quicky JP wedding. The longer time goes on it seems as if the planning will never be done. So my question is…. How long is too long for an engagement before you just realize that the wedding will never happen?

  9. He proposed on Sept.30,2012 and we’re getting married on July.4,2015. So that’s about 21 months and 2 weeks of being engaged :).

  10. We got engaged on Dec 6, 2013 and are getting married Oct 2, 2015 so our engagement is just under two years…we could have done it sooner but decided to wait so that we could both be further along/done with school and it gives my future-in-laws time to come around to the idea of a girl marrying their daughter


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