Finding the right bridesmaid dresses was becoming a nightmare for real bride Natalie – that is, until she discovered Confetti Multiway!

Dressing your best girls for the big day is supposed to be a happy experience, but when they’re all different shapes and sizes – and some of them aren’t even in the country – things can get a little stressed. We caught up with real bride Natalie who has found a fabulous solution in the form of Confetti Multiway


When was your big day?

“We tied the knot on 16th August 2013 at Fyvie Castle in Aberdeenshire. The big day was even more wonderful than we had anticipated. Everything went perfectly from getting ready, to the ceremony itself to the wonderful food!  We had a very unconventional, Humanist ceremony but we are so glad we went down this route for the ceremony because it was so personal to us. “

When did you start searching for bridesmaid dresses?

“Just after we had found the wedding venue. I started to think about bridesmaid dress colours but the shape and style came later on. I knew I wanted something soft – no loud colours for me – so I was thinking either a sage green, chalky grey or possible even cream. I knew quite early on that I would like a dress with beading so I hoped that the bridesmaid dresses would match the detail of my gown.”


Were your bridesmaids all the same shape?

“Not only were my bridesmaids all very different sizes, one of them was on the other side of the world! We couldn’t all go shopping together so we had to chat via email and telephone, sending pictures to each other and trying to get a general idea of what each bridesmaid liked. Luckily, both girls wanted a full-length dress so that was a good starting point!”

What was your budget?

“I was keen not exceed £200 and was looking at around the £150 mark for each dress. With so many elements to consider in our wedding budget, I wanted something reasonably priced and also a dress that could be worn again to justify the cost.”

Why did you choose the Confetti Multiway dresses?

“Once I had made my choice regarding the wedding dress, I knew that I wanted soft grey for the bridesmaid dresses. I was chatting to a friend about the difficulty I was having choosing a style of dress that would suit two different sizes and she invited me round to her place to see a multiway dress she had. I knew instantly that this would be the best way forward for my bridesmaids. Confetti’s designs were affordable, could be worn 14 different ways and had a lovely selection of colours.”

How did you decide how to wear them?

“After requesting my swatch card and selecting the perfect shade of grey, I was sent links to online video tutorials on each of the 14 ways Confetti dresses could be worn. I sent these links along with a downloadable ‘how to wear’ brochure to my bridesmaids in New Zealand and Scotland and we had a Skype session! My sister wore hers as knotted thin strap and my sister-in-law went for the sleeved option, both finding the right style for them.”


Were you happy with them on the day?

“I was delighted with the dresses. The quality of the fabric was great, very heavy and soft, which was so flattering on both girls. Both bridesmaids liked the versatility of the dresses and the fact they had freedom to tie the dresses to match their personal style.”

Would you recommend these dresses to other brides?

“Absolutely, for brides out there who cannot do the whole group-shopping trip thing, this is a great, stress free, online option. As the sizes are just XS, S, M and L it gives a lot more flexibility. One of my bridesmaids decided to wear the bandeau top for extra coverage and it was great to have that option. I was thrilled with the end result and my maids have a beautiful dress they can wear again and again.”

We’re sure you’ll agree Natalie and her bridesmaids look fabulous on the big day! If you want to see more dress inspiration for your best girls, check out our Fashion section today!


  1. mine all live in different places france and england so we had to pick.out one on internet they have all now received it and all seem to be pleased.with it which makes me very happy, wouldn’t want them to feel uncomfortable on the big day!!

  2. Brilliant! I’ve been looking for something like this as all my girls are such different shapes and sizes, that at least one of them would be uncomfortable if I chose the same dress for them all 🙂

  3. when i eventually get mine i will have my 2 bridesmaids with me one of who is my moh so i want her dress to differ slightly in any case but will go with what they want really and its the correct colour and lengh (having short dresses for them both so they dont bake in it at the evening do )


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