At Wedding Ideas we can’t get enough of all the stories we hear about how our brides decided that a particular bridal gown was ‘The One’ for them.

And you know, one thing we notice is that many brides go off shopping with a fixed idea of what they want and what is going to suit them – and it always changes at the last minute!

Which just goes to show that you should always keep an open mind when you go dress shopping.

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We asked some of our favourite real-life brides why they chose their particular dress and what they loved about it. Here’s what they had to say…

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Donna F is a second time around bride and she’s getting married to John in December. She’s chosen to wear a Suzanne Neville ‘Mystery’ dress. “A lot of people said to me that as a second time around bride I should have something very low key and not really wedding dressy,” she says. “But when I thought about it, I realised I am dressing for myself and my fiancé who I knew would love to see me wearing a proper wedding dress and looking like ‘his’ bride.”

“He’s going to have the biggest smile when he sees me in it and will know that I’ve made myself look really special for him – that’s why I love my dress. I went to Ellie Sanderson’s boutique in Beaconsfield and spent a happy couple of hours with my daughter trying on frocks. In fact, the dress I chose by Suzanne Neville was the first one I tried on. I knew it was ‘The One’ but just to be sure I came back with two friends a few days later and they confirmed it to me.  It has a very fitted bodice, which accentuates my bust (one of my best points), and a fairytale full skirt with a slight train. I have chosen a very fine antique lace jacket to wear on top during the day – well it will be December!  It’s completely fabulous and makes me feel very romantic and happy. My daughter has already said that she wants to wear it to her wedding! ”

Wedding Ideas Forum member Future Mrs Goodman shared her story, too. “The fourth one I tried on, I got the fabled ‘feeling’! I was in tears, my bridesmaid was in tears. I was in a veil and wearing the most beautiful dress I had ever tried on – I bought it there and then and took it home on the train (guarding it with my life!). I sometimes wonder if I rushed the experience and wonder if I should have tried on more but then I sneak upstairs, unzip the bag and catch my breath. You may not get the ‘feeling’ – there are lots of brides who say they never did – but the dress you can undoubtedly imagine yourself putting on with confidence and happiness on your big day could be The One!”

“I was really worried when I went dress shopping as loads of dresses looked nice but not amazing!” says Vicky40 on the forum. “I was beginning to wonder how I was ever going to choose… I was trying on slinky, fishtail, lace and ones I thought I would look good in, then the shop assistant insisted I try on a ballgown which made me laugh as it was soooooooooo not what I wanted. But lo and behold when I tried it on I fell in love and my mum welled up which is not like her at all. I still fought it for a while, though, thinking I was mad for going for a dress so big but when I went back and tried on more I realised the only time I had a massive smile on my face was when I was wearing my big dress. I can’t wait to wear it again.”

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Another forum bride Hutch2b loved her dress because of how it made her feel. “The dress I now have is a princess dress that is most definitely The One. How do I know it is? It’s because when I have it on, no matter how ugly or bloated I feel before putting the dress on, I feel absolutely beautiful once I am in it and I don’t want to take it off.”

And finally Susie C has chosen a vintage gown for her big day: “My grandmother brought me up really because my mum was working in the family business all hours. I’d always liked the dress she wore to her wedding – she got married in the 1950s and I loved the photographs. When she said she still had the dress in her attic I couldn’t believe it. We got it down and I tried it on and it fitted (although I’m having a few tweaks done for me). It’s made from duchesse satin with an A-line skirt and is classic with a vintage twist. I love it because it was my grandmother’s, she’s going to love seeing me in it and also I know no other bride has got anything like it – it’s unique.”

If you’re still looking for the one, our Wedding Dress section has everything you need to find your perfect frock. And if you have already found it, come and share why it’s so special on the Wedding Ideas Forum!