watch-the-video-below-buttonIn our view, Kate Middleton got everything absolutely right on her wedding day. As for her hair, it’s everything a girl could ever want, thick, glossy and it looked so stylish on her wedding day!

If you’re looking to recreate this iconic demi-chignon for your big day, then you’re in luck! We’ve managed to track down the man who helped style The Duchess of Cambridge’s hair for her wedding, Richard Ward and he’s going to help you steal Kate’s style for your very own celebration!


A touch of royal wedding style

Hair texture

This style works well with most hair textures. If you have thick, coarse hair then I’d suggest you blow-dry smooth using a real bristle radial brush first and then set in velcro rollers. Once removed take random sections and tong into soft curls.

For finer hair, you may want to cheat a little bit and add real hair wefts to create more body, real hair wefts will enable you to style the hair like your own, too.

Hair length

You can wear this style whether you have long or short hair, it’s just a matter of having enough hair at the sides to be able to section and pin backwards. It works better with longer layers so you can get a neater finish without any hair falling into the face.

The look

Once you’ve created the foundation of soft, frizz free waves, you can start to create the demi-chignon style.  There are various options to this look depending on the end look you want to achieve.  For a soft romantic bridal or bridesmaid look, you can take sections on each side of the front and gently twist. Secure the back with discreet pins. You can then add accessories to the look like flowers or diamanté clips.

If you are wearing a tiara on the big day then you need to create a foundation for that to be anchored to. Gently backcomb the crown area so you create a soft, low, beehive effect, then sweep the sides across and secure with pins.  The tiara will then be placed on the crown area afterwards. For a cool, festival feel, you can take the sides and plait them before using a band to tie them together at the back.

The trick to this look is to keep it fresh and young, not too dated.  Try not to sweep the sides upwards as this can be aging, keep them coming across and pinned to the side of the head.

On her wedding day, Kate Middleton wore her hair down for her evening party for a less formal look. Here’s Richard Ward’s advice on literally letting your hair down once the ceremony and wedding breakfast have taken place and you want to hit the dance floor…

None of these tips are complicated and Richard says you can transform your bridal hair in no time. Ask your chief bridesmaid or your mum to help you and take time to look in the mirror properly before rushing off. It’s also a good chance to refresh your make-up and take a bit of a breather before the rest of your party gets started!

Remember your evening make-up can be a bit more dramatic than your day-time bridal look so don’t forget to try out different lipsticks, eye shadows, etc.

real bride demi chignon natashahurley

Three ways to change your look from day to night

Shake out your chignon to unveil beautifully wavy hair. If you find that you’ve got a small kink in your hair, then disguise it using a glamorous hair accessory.

If you’re looking to create a new look out of your free-flowing wedding day hair, then a statement side bun is a great move. Simply pull your hair into a low, side ponytail and coil your hair around the band before securing into place. This style also looks great with plaited hair, but keep the finish look dishevelled, rather than ‘perfect’.

If your long hair is getting in the way of you and the dance floor, then twist it up into a messy up-do. It shouldn’t look too structured and ridged, aim for a soft look and keep it in place using a few hairpins.

If you’re looking for more ways to style your hair ahead of your big day, our Wedding Hair and Makeup section has everything you need to create your dream wedding look.



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