Social media has got, and is getting, bigger and bigger. So big that it’s got to a point where it effects a lot more than just our newsfeeds – it’s had an impact on weddings too, and everything that comes along with weddings. We’ve put together some things for you to be aware of…

Jealous Facebook friends

So you’re engaged, it’s compulsory you update your Facebook relationship status immediately, upload a photo of the engagement ring, and of course, upload a selfie of the two of you smiling from ear to ear, right? Yes! We love to see your selfies and your sparkly rings.

But be warned of those ‘friends’ who make comments about the ring looking a bit big for you, or that your new hubby-to-be’s smile looks a bit strange in that selfie – you don’t need that sort of jealousy in your life, and definitely not your newsfeed. *DELETE* (or just ignore or politely laugh it off, of course). Just listen to and thrive off the lovely comments from real friends! Rusty and Lucy's Wedding (625)

Left out family

And then there’s the family you didn’t call or update on the romantic proposal whilst you were on holiday in Cornwall, and the consequence of an absolutely STUNNING ring on your finger. In come in the notifications, all along the lines ‘Aunt Barbara has commented on your status’ – a comment you can tell is part shocked, part pleased, and part ‘Why did I find this out on Facebook?’. Oops.

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When it comes to announcing your engagement, your family and closest friends will want to know from you – not from a status update. Before you click ‘Post’ or ‘Tweet’, make sure the people that will want to know straight out, do know to avoid any awkward comments in between the ‘OMG congratulations!’ that will be filling up your Facebook wall.

Assumed invitations

When you’re as excited as you are, you want everyone else to be excited – and that’s why social media is so great. It’s so easy to spread the word in a little amount of time. But, that tweet or status that you’re putting out about how you’ve confirmed the wedding date? Don’t be surprised if that nice, but slightly odd, couple you met when you were down at the pub a few weeks ago, assume that’s an invitation.

Social media is a very public thing, that’s why privacy settings are so important when it comes to your own profile. Always make it clear that your plans to get married on 6th August 2016 is NOT an automatic invite to everyone in your Friends List. Hollie & Matt-329

The new RSVP

Sending out the wedding invites is a huge, but exciting task of wedding planning. It means you’ve done the guest list and it usually means you’ve established a theme for the wedding itself so that your stationery matches it – I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of matching stationery?

A few days after they’ve been sent out, you’re hearing from people over the phone saying how lovely your invites look and how people can’t wait, but it’s when your phone starts buzzing. You’ve got Facebook mail. Since social media has become so huge, people have started to think it’s okay to RSVP via Facebook – but what are the readily stamped RSVPs you sent out for!?

Pinterest planning

Whilst some brides-to-be may have started planning their perfect wedding on Pinterest long before getting engaged, or even getting together with their fiancé, others might wait until the day the ring is on their finger. But before you get too Pinterest-happy, make sure your settings are private!

We know you’ll be excited about all your plans for your big day, but keep that excitement to yourself and give your wedding guests something to look forward to by keeping everything (or as much as you can!) a total surprise. Likewise for any status updates on your trip to the florist today, and keep the wedding planning selfies as secretive and mysterious as possible. C&M363 (1)

Hen party privacy

Another problem with social media privacy – the hen party. Some may be a bit messier or naughtier than others but it’s always good to make some rules with your hens. To either keep any photos in a ‘private collection’ – well away from any newsfeeds or wedding day speeches, – or to be ‘okayed’ by the bride or main person in the photo before anything sees the light of the social world!

‘No posting allowed’ policy

Yes, again, but this time we mean on the actual big day. To your guests, posting a photo of something as innocent as a bride in her wedding dress might seem perfectly fine. However to you, it’s ruining the big reveal to those that weren’t at the wedding, with a rubbish camera phone image where your eyes are closed.

To avoid the circumstance where your guests are posting what seems like a live feed of photos as the day progresses against your will, make it clear wherever you can – write it on the invites and put signs around the venue. Make sure that your older cousin’s 13 year old girl knows that no matter how great she looks in that Instagram filter, she can not upload it until you say! Lucy&Jon494

We’re definitely not saying stop posting to your heart’s content, but just set some social media-related rules to help make sure your wedding happiness isn’t ruined by a few jealous Facebook friends (but not really friends), grumpy family members, awkward conversations or unwanted photos.