They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and that’s certainly the case with Lorna Burhouse, who is responsible for buying all of Beaverbrooks‘ diamond rings and jewellery… it’s literally a dream job!

So, we thought, what better person to give you her advice on picking the perfect wedding jewellery? Lorna not only deals with diamonds on a day-to-day basis, but is a bride-to-be herself! She tells us more… Guy-and-Jo-Wedding-188

I hand-select every diamond ring and piece of jewellery to make sure that it meets with Beaverbrooks’ exceptional quality and exacting standards, while ensuring that it’s what our customers will love… it’s my dream job!

For me, nothing can match the excitement of finding your perfect diamond ring or piece of jewellery. I get really excited when a product that I have hand-selected is one of our bestsellers. I also love it when customers share their engagement stories and photos with us on social media – it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that I have played a part in their love story.

I’m getting married in October and Beaverbrooks is playing a part in my own love story – all of my wedding and bridal party jewellery is from Beaverbrooks… obviously!

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How did you begin the process of choosing your wedding jewellery?

I always knew that I wanted a traditional, vintage-themed wedding and I coordinated my jewellery around my theme. I think sometimes it’s easier to do it that way as once you decide on a theme, you can select everything else to complement that. I’ve already began my 100 day countdown to my big day and without giving too much away, I’ve incorporated pearls and sparkles into my wedding jewellery.

Was the process easier because you’re a Diamond Ring and Jewellery Buyer?

No! I think it made it so much harder! I’m constantly exposed to breathtakingly stunning diamonds and jewellery, so it’s hard to select the few pieces for the big day. Fortunately, my fiancé Matt, chose my engagement ring – a gorgeous oval diamond halo – and the proposal was a complete surprise! In terms of my ring, I absolutely love it and find myself just staring at it. I adore vintage styles, so it also ties in really nicely with my wedding day theme.  michelle&jon-49 - Copy

What would you recommend to brides-to-be choosing their wedding jewellery?

It’s so important to choose jewellery that reflects your personality and that you would feel comfortable and confident wearing. Obviously, you also want it to complement your wedding and dress – if your dress is extravagant, my advice is keep jewellery simple. As the old saying goes, less is more!

I also think that your wedding jewellery shouldn’t just be limited to your wedding day; if you invest in quality pieces, they will last a lifetime and can be treasured forever. This is another advantage of keeping wedding jewellery simple – you can wear it again and each time you do wear it, the memories will come flooding back and it will remind you of your special day.

Don’t go over the top – if you’re wearing a tiara and necklace, you don’t need to overdo it on the earrings, or vice versa. I also think it’s important to consider a timeless classic like diamonds and pearls that won’t date. You might think that a statement blue necklace looks good now, but think of the wedding photos in 10 years.


Do you have any other tips or advice for other brides choosing their wedding jewellery?

There are so many inspirational tools these days to help you select and plan every aspect of your day. For example, we have a dedicated ‘Beaverbrooks Inspiration‘ page on our website showcasing top trends, style edits and personal blog posts from me! The internet and social media have also provided endless inspiration for themes and ideas for brides-to-be. Instagram, for example, has definitely changed the wedding jewellery process and selection. We use ours to showcase a whole range of different jewellery concepts, themes and designs.

Fashion themes and celebrities definitely influence customers when it comes to engagement rings. Millie Mackintosh, for example, chose a double banded diamond ring, Kate Middle inherited Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring and more recently Andy Murray popped the question with a halo ring – all of which influenced the wider jewellery market. My advice would be not to let friends, celebrities or seasonal trends influence your decision – you should love your wedding jewellery and select pieces you can see yourself wearing in 20 years’ time.

Budget can be a big factor, but the good news is that there are engagement rings available to suit all budgets and at Beaverbrooks, we offer Interest Free Credit which gives you the option of spreading the cost of your purchase over a period that suits the individual – so if your loved one has their heart set on a particular ring, we can make their dreams come true!


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