As wedding season gets into full swing, Rachel Hamilton-Shaw, who oversees over 600 weddings a year for hotel group The Hotel Collection, has revealed the top modern wedding trends for 2015, and these are definitely breaking away from the usual traditional trends… Ian and Jess wedding1316

Drone photography and wearable camera footage

Wedding photography is being taken to a whole new level as couples increasingly look to capture angles of their wedding that not even the most experienced photographer can reach. Wearable cameras are also starting to make an appearance at weddings – including in bouquets, attached to suits and many other unusual places.

Wedding hashtags #HappilyEverAfterJones

Whilst many couples request that their guests don’t post any photos online, more and more are making their big day into a social extravaganza. The rise of the wedding hashtag is proving an essential part to make sure that wedding guests are using just one phrase to document their day on social media.

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Marrioke is exactly how it sounds: marriage karaoke. This is where a videographer films reception guests miming to a song chosen by the bride and groom, and edits it to create a montage video with all the guests ‘singing’ the song. 982

Charity favours

More and more couples are replacing the traditional favours for charity favours. A popular choice is for the couple to choose charity pin badges, and to give these to the couple instead of the usual jam jars or sweets etc.


The decline of brides throwing

The tradition of the bride throwing the bouquet towards single guests has fallen dramatically, with only one reported sighting throughout the The Hotel Collection in 2014. Whilst this tradition declines, there are new uses for the floral bouquet emerging – spelling potential disaster for singletons who marital hopes have been hinged on catching this year’s blooms!

Dogs being used as ring bearers

Couples love to get their pets involved at weddings and it’s becoming increasingly common that newlyweds are giving their mutts a big responsibility on their wedding day. Using your dog as a ring bearer is pretty cute though, right? Wedding Photographs-731

Unusual speeches

Long gone is the traditional best man speech, or the emotional father of the bride speech. Nowadays, it’s about going all out there and creating a personalised rap, song or even a video.

Speeches by the maid of honour

Usually the three speeches are just done by the best man, father of the bride and the groom. But breaking away from that tradition, it’s no longer uncommon for the maid of honour to also do a speech.

Alternative wedding cakes

Not everyone is a fan of the traditional wedding cake, and alternative wedding cakes such as pies, cheese cakes and cookie cakes are being introduced. If you want something a little different for your wedding day, check out our 10 fave alternatives to wedding cakes.


Choreographed first dances

2015 is the year for expertly choreographed first dances that even the most experienced dancers would envy.

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