What’s on trend for bridesmaids in 2013? Which are the hottest colours for your bridesmaids’ dresses in the year ahead? What have celebrity bridesmaids been wearing lately and how can you get the look? Charlotte from the Wedbits blog at the Dessy Group reveals all…



Ombre is set to be a real trend in 2013.

It’s not exactly a colour, more a graduated series of shades of the same colour and it’s a perfect idea for a wedding theme too.

Fancy putting your bridesmaids in pink? To work the ombre theme, choose dresses in shades from the deepest dark burgundy all the way up to a classic rose pink … and whatever you fancy in between.

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If you’re having a winter wedding, you could choose shades of blue … from an ice blue down to a rich navy. It goes without saying that you can continue this look through to your flowers and your cake.

emerald-wedding-dressesColour of the year

Every year colour experts Pantone announce a colour of the year and this year it’s emerald green.

Rich, lush and vibrant, it’s a shade that would look wonderful at a winter wedding and suits all sorts of skin tones, from dark to fair. Classic but modern all at the same time, it works particularly well for your bridesmaids if you’re having a late afternoon and evening event.

Dress your maids in emerald green and you can accessorise with bouquets in rich deep reds – blooms featuring dark winter berries look breathtaking.

Pretty in purple

Purple is another colour I predict we’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2013. It also works well as a statement shade – maybe put your bridesmaids in deepest mauve and dress your flowergirls in white with purple sashes.

Jennifer Garner was a bridesmaid for her assistant and wore a gentle pale lilac shade which suited her brunette features perfectly. Khloe Kardashian rocked a purple colour scheme at her wedding, dressing her bridesmaids in deep purple and soft lilac – there’s nothing to say you can’t dress your girls in two shades of the same colour.


To mimic the Kardashian style, choose fabrics in shiny satins that cling to every curve – with a halter neckline or spaghetti straps.

The roaring 1920s

The remake of The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, launches this year. This is one film that is going to make 1920’s wedding style a BIG event.

To recreate the jazz age for your big day, look for flapper dresses with dropped waistlines and features like beading and fringes. As for colours? Well, black and white was a big part of Art Deco movement.

Bright and bold

Brights show no sign of losing popularity and will work well with the current trend for mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Think hot pink, turquoise, emerald green, yellow and orange.

Bright dresses for the bridesmaids will show up a bride’s classic white wedding gown to perfection. One of your maids looks a dream in green? Get her a frock in emerald. Then put another of your ladies in a bright sapphire blue or turquoise.


The trick is to play up your bridesmaids’ best features and work with the colours which suit them. If you want to take the brights theme a step further, then step out in colour contrasting shoes. Try green shoes with a yellow dress, turquoise with hot pink… and so on.

Getting the right colours for your bridesmaids might take a little trial and error but try to keep an open mind about colour and take the time to choose a shade that will really flatter your girls’ skin tone and colouring.

If you make your maids look amazing in their dresses, not only will your wedding photographs look wonderful but they’ll be your friends forever!