Stuck for honeymoon ideas? Here are the top ten trending holiday hotspots for 2017.

The 10 hottest honeymoon ideas and most beautiful destinations for 2017. The only challenge now will be choosing which one...


Cyprus makes for the perfect romantic setting. Situated in the Mediterranean and known for it’s sunshine, Cyprus boasts around 300 days of sun each year – which is nearly double the amount we get in Britain!

There is something to do for every couple. If you are adventurous types, how about a hike through the pine-clad hills of the Troodos Mountains. Depending on the time of year you go, you could be met by Cyprus’ mouflon sheep, or ski fields! Adventurous couples could also take a trip to Cape Greco, home to 9 hiking trails and sea caves ready to explore. However, the main reason people visit this national park is to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Ayia Napa Sea Monster! According to locals, the creature lurks in the sea off Cyprus’ south east coast. With 6 heads, 12 limbs and the body of a giant maiden, this is definitely not for the faint-hearted honeymooners!

For couples wanting a bit of culture from their honeymoon, you should venture to the capital, Nicosia. It is the only divided city in the world; split by Turkey and Greece in 1961, it still has two halves today. On the outskirts, it is a concrete jungle, but once you step into 16th century Venetian walls you are immersed in culture, impressive Medieval buildings and narrow streets.

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If you time your honeymoon right, you should take a trip to the city of Kourion. You may be able to watch a play at the restored ruins of an ancient amphitheatre, just like the Romans did!

Your honeymoon will be one of the most romantic trips you will take as a couple, so why not visit the birthplace of the goddess of love herself! The Rock of Aphrodite is a rocky outcrop near Pissouri village, and popular amongst swimmers, who believe swimming around the rock will bring you luck in love – perfect for newlyweds setting out on life together!

The 10 hottest honeymoon ideas and most beautiful destinations for 2017. The only challenge now will be choosing which one...


Steeped in history, Greece is a popular destination for holiday makers, and would be amazing for a honeymoon. And there is something for every couple.

One of the most romantic things for couples to do is marvel at a wonder that has left us wide-eyed for centuries – watching the sun setting behind the peaks of Mount Olympus. You can relax at a pavement café and watch the beautiful view, and it will be something you both remember for years to come.

How about a soak in a natural hot tub? Honeymooners should head to Thermes, Kos. It is a little trek to get to, but well worth it! Hot bubbles rise up and create a natural Jacuzzi right by the shore. Very romantic!

For the more adventurous couple, you could hike Crete’s Samaria Gorge. The gorge has been carved by the river for over thousands of years, and today the it is a World Biosphere Reserve and home to rare species and hundreds of different types of plants.

For couples wanting to visit a bit of history and culture during their honeymoon, you should visit the Archaeological Museum, located in Kos Town. The ancient collection spans the Greek and Roman periods. The museum is home to a 4th century BC marble statue of Hippocrates and a mosaic of the god Asklepios.

The 10 hottest honeymoon ideas and most beautiful destinations for 2017. The only challenge now will be choosing which one...


Perfect for the explorer in us, Morocco plays host to stunning scenery, ancient culture, majestic monuments and varied and delicious cuisine.

Honeymooners should head to Marrakech – Morocco’s most exciting city! Jemaa el-Fna is spectacular; you will come across acrobats, fire-swallowers and soothsayers.

Morocco is steeped in culture, and honeymooners – make sure you immerse yourself fully. Travel back in time and visit Taroudant. This walled market town is only an hours drive from Agadir, but it really is like you have stepped back in time. This busy town has a weekly market of stalls selling beautiful and colourful spices, carpets, shoes, scarves, jewellery, instruments, and ornaments to name just a few things.

For the foodie honeymooners, make sure you visit Agadir’s fish market located right by the port. You can see the daily seafood auction, and get your fish barbecued however you like, or you could visit the restaurants and cafes for a more sit-down affair.

Visiting Africa wouldn’t quite be the same without a ride through the desert. Whether this is by camel or 4×4, honeymooners will have fun exploring Morocco’s sweeping sand dunes. This is perfect for honeymooners wanting to get their adrenaline pumping!

The 10 hottest honeymoon ideas and most beautiful destinations for 2017. The only challenge now will be choosing which one...


If you’re after warm weather getaway that is only a short flight away, you’d struggle to find a better destination than Portugal. It’s home to ideal city break locations such as Porto and the capital Lisbon, but also plays host to a number of smaller towns which are the perfect setting for a romantic getaway.

There are lot of beautiful sites that honeymooners would revel in. Take a trek through Ria Formosa National Park, covering more that 60 kilometres of the Algarve coastline. It has a mix of marshlands, islands, lagoons and walking trails. On your trek, you will be able to spot beautiful creatures such as storks and flamingos!

For honeymooners wanting to relax by the beach, there is one beach that you must visit. Ponta da Calheta is possibly Portugal’s best beach, boasting panoramic views of the volcanic isle of Ilhéu de Baixo and you can even see Madeira in the distance!

Nature-loving honeymooners are in for a treat in Madeira’s warm waters. Honeymooners will be visited by whales and dolphins, who also love to play in these waters. For the adventurous couples, heading out in summer to do a spot of whale watching would be perfect. If the whales are shy, you can be sure the dolphins won’t be! There are plenty of excursions from Funchal.

The 10 hottest honeymoon ideas and most beautiful destinations for 2017. The only challenge now will be choosing which one...


Situated on the Adriatic Sea, you’ll struggle to find a more picturesque destination than Croatia. Boasting a rich history, unique architecture and a Mediterranean climate, what more could you want from a honeymoon getaway?
It’s also the backdrop for many locations in the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. Croatia is steeped in culture, and if this is something you want from your honeymoon then you are spoilt for choice here. If you are honeymooning in Summer, be sure to check out the Cavtat Summer Festival. Here you will hear local folk musicians, watch magicians and jugglers right by the waterfront! And the best thing – its all completely free.

You can step back in time and visit Konalve, which is just a 5 minute drive from Cavtat. Some of the locals still wear traditional dress! If you are a couple who loves food, this will be heaven for you. There are olive groves and vineyards in the nearby hills, and the town is packed full of restaurants dishing up the local cuisines like smoked ham and stone-baked fish.

The 10 hottest honeymoon ideas and most beautiful destinations for 2017. The only challenge now will be choosing which one...


It’s no surprise that this tropical paradise is one of the top trending destinations of 2017. The cultural hub, known for its exotic wildlife, beautiful beaches and unlimited island hopping is the perfect getaway for the adventure seeking couple! Picture yourself enjoying the finest Thai cuisine, on some of the world’s best beaches. Looks good doesn’t it?

There is something for everyone. For couples wanting a fun activity from their honeymoon, why not scuba dive at Ko Raya Yai. It is like swimming in a pool, with the most popular sites dropping gradually to a depth of 12 metres and visibility can be as much as 30 metres. You will be met with beautiful coral gardens and boulders, not to mention barracudas and manta rays!

Going to Thailand wouldn’t be complete without a traditional Thai massage. Its relaxing and perfect for couples wanting to iron out those kinks and completely get rid of that wedding stress. This technique has developed for over 3 centuries and focuses on sen, where energy lies in the body, and helps stimulate blood flow throughout the body.

Thailand is known for its gorgeous sandy beaches, which is the perfect setting for any honeymoon. Take a trip down to Mai Khao Beach, stretching to 11 kilometres long. The footfall is light and the beach it quite secluded, and it is possible to have an entire day of sunbathing without bumping in to anyone else – perfect for honeymooners who just want some time on there own! However, further along the beach is the busiest section by Sarasin Bridge. You’ll find a cluster of bamboo restaurants serving up traditional Thai food.

The 10 hottest honeymoon ideas and most beautiful destinations for 2017. The only challenge now will be choosing which one...


Arguably one of the most beautiful honeymoon hotspots, and not too far from the UK.

Turkey is a country rich in culture, and honeymooners can revel in this without parting with too much money! You’ll find the best and cheapest restaurants for traditional Turkish food in the narrow alleys of the Old Side. They are quite tucked away, but if you uncover them you will be rewarded with delicious Turkish treats, like meze plates, doner kebabs, freshly baked pittas, and baklava!

For the adventurous couple, how about exploring the underwater world? Head to the Dalaman coast or the Aegean coast and explore the coral reefs and shipwrecks below. You can swot up at one of the local diving schools, or you could both go snorkelling and marvel at the wonders below the sandy beaches.

There are plenty of romantic spots that honeymooners must visit, but one that is an absolute must for couples is taking a dip in one of the cliff-side baths at Pamukkale. These mini limestone-lined pools loop down the mountain and boasting stunning views every couple needs to witness. Not only is it pretty, the warm waters are said to contain minerals that improve your fitness!

The 10 hottest honeymoon ideas and most beautiful destinations for 2017. The only challenge now will be choosing which one...


Spain has always been a firm favourite for sun-loving brits, with good reason!

If catching a bit of culture is something you want from your honeymoon, then be sure to visit Cadiz. Thought to be Europe’s oldest city, you will need a full day to explore this beautiful city. Down by the waterfront you will find gorgeous gardens, open squares, an 18th-century gold domed cathedral, and a collection of tapas bars and seafood restaurants.

For couples wanting to delve into a bit of the country’s rich history, taking a trip to the ancient world of Alcudia is a must. The Roman’s made Alcudia the island’s capital, and they were following the footsteps of the Phoenicians and the Greeks. Luckily for couples, that means there is history around every corner! Explore the the impressive walls of the old town and admire the old Gothic church, ancient houses and a little museum stuffed with Roman finds.

To relax on white beaches and look out on to bright blue sea, couples should head to Menorca. Discovering Cales Cove is very romantic because you’ll be met by one of Menorca’s prettiest sites. The rugged cliffs and the turquoise bay are home to more than 100 Bronze Age caves carved into the rock face!

For couples who enjoy a glass of wine from time-to-time should visit Sanlucar de Barrameda – a pretty sherry town. The wineries here are known for their bone-dry Manzanilla, which is only made there. Although whilst you are there, it is worth buying a few bottles of the local white Barbadillo plonk too, something you can take back home and drink to toast your new life together as a married couple whilst remembering the fun of your honeymoon.

The 10 hottest honeymoon ideas and most beautiful destinations for 2017. The only challenge now will be choosing which one...


A very popular destination amongst couples and honeymooners recently, Travel Republic stated that bookings from the UK are up by 13% year on year.

If you’re a couple of spice lovers, Mexico will be the perfect honeymoon destination; quesadillas and corn tortillas with vegetables, cheese mixed spices and beans might just hit the spot when you go out for dinner to celebrate your marriage!

For a little seclusion, honeymooners should head to Contoy Island; Mexico’s hidden secret. Only a small number of people are allowed on the island each day, so you both won’t be surrounded by hoards of people. The island and the shallow waters surrounding it are home to beautiful coral reefs and thousands of tropical fish. After exploring this island paradise, you’ll be served a fresh barbecue lunch on the beach!

For the more adventurous and adrenaline-junkie couple, how about exploring a jungle! A journey into the Yucatan Peninsula’s outback involves speed boating through swamps and hiking along rainforest paths.

Going to Mexico wouldn’t be complete without a trip to see one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Chichén Itzá. An important Mayan capital between 600-1200AD, its ruins won’t disappoint. See the Temple of the Jaguars and macabre Tzompantli bench, where heads of sacrificial victims were displayed. After a buffet lunch where you can sample some typical food of the Yucatan, you’ll visit the colonial town of Valladolid.

The 10 hottest honeymoon ideas and most beautiful destinations for 2017. The only challenge now will be choosing which one...


Ah, the country of true romance. France, or more specifically Paris, is known as the city of love, and what more of an appropriate destination for a “mini-moon” than Paris!? Travel Republic has reported a 6% spike in bookings to the beautiful city so it’s no wonder that it’s becoming a popular destination if you’re looking to celebrate your marriage when you’ve only got a short time to celebrate.

Did you know that Paris was originally a Roman city called ‘Lutetia’? Or that the Eiffel Tower is painted once every seven years? Everyone raves about the landmark, but it truly is a romantic spectacle, particularly at night.

Strolling along the streets of Paris, sampling the local cuisine, and taking in the impressive buildings and romantic atmosphere is just perfect for newly-weds.

France has a bit of everything for all couples. If you want something a bit quieter from your honeymoon, head away from the cities and go to the coastline – you’ll be spoilt for choice of beaches! No two beaches are alike in France, you’ll find everything you need; amazing views, delicious food and absolute seclusion. Couples should take a trip along the French Riviera to find the most sought after supply of beaches in France.

For the food-loving couple, France will be paradise for you! Credited for the Michelin Guide, France is proud of its culinary achievements. You will be spoilt with all the bread and around 1,000 types of cheese to accompany them! France boasts many of the world’s best wine-producing regions, from Bordeaux and Champagne. You won’t be hungry or thirsty on your honeymoon, that’s for sure!

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