Wedding cake designs have come a long way since the traditional three tiered marzipan sponge cakes, which is great news – but we all know too many choices can lead to ‘choice overload.’

Sampling cake flavours is the easy bit! So it’s time to release that budding baker in you with this new online cake builder tool from Canvas Factory. Now you can create your dream wedding cake at the touch of a button. Choose between different shapes, tiers, colour schemes and decorations and see your dream cake being created in front of your very own eyes! To be sure you’re satisfied with the end result, check out these tips!


The shape

When it comes to choosing the right cake shape, it’s essential to keep your wedding style in mind. While some might think a round cake is a little plain, the simplicity of it provides the perfect backdrop for an interesting design. There really is no need to hold back on decor with a round cake! A square cake on the other hand, is a modern alternative – perfect for couples looking for something different. You can even offset the layers of the cake at angles to create a spiral effect.

The tiers

This is probably one of the biggest cake dilemmas you will come across. Will you have enough cake for all your guest? As a rule of thumb, 2 tiers will serve between 50-100 guests but bear in mind this can change depending on how big your serving sizes are. Portion numbers aren’t the only factor though – you might be having a small wedding, but if you’re venue is rather grand, a small two- tier cake might look a little bit lost. But not anymore! You can now add height to your cake using polystyrene dummy cakes. Not only will it add a bit of height, you’ll also find that you save you a little bit of money, And the best part? No-one will ever know! Dummy cakes are cut into the shape of cake tiers and covered with the exact icing and design of the rest of the cake so unless you go to cut into it, there’s no way of anyone finding out it’s a fake!

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The design

Many brides are now incorporating the colour schemes of their wedding into the cake, meaning the standard white and ivory cake with a plastic figurine on top is a thing of the past. Green, orange, hot pink and orange are all popular choices nowadays so don’t be afraid to experiment! Inspiration can also be found from details on the wedding dress. Cakes are being covered in stones, crystals, pearls and embroidery (all made from sugar) to coordinate with the wedding gown.

The cake topper

Even the plainest cake can be brought to life with the right cake topper. There are loads of cake topper choices out there from the sleek to the very kitsch, so you don’t have to stick to traditional plastic figurines (unless you want to). Why not go for bride and groom statues with a modern twist? You can even personalise cake toppers to make them look like you. Another popular choice are flowers. Whether they are fresh flowers or sugar flowers, match them to the rest of your wedding theme for a unique look.

The flavour

When it comes to the cake filling, while fruit cake is the traditional choice, there are many other tasty fillings available. Who says cakes have to be frosted in white buttercream to be classed as a wedding cake? Why not have a chocolate cake instead? There is so much you can do with chocolate and there are bound to be a few chocolate lovers on the guest list. Whether it’s chocolate, carrot, lemon, coconut, or red velvet – there is so much out there that you might find yourself suffering with a bit of ‘choice overload’ all over again – so what do you do? You just have a different flavour for each tier. Problem solved! P&G-6

With multiple choices available, the cake builder aims to help every bride and groom whittle down their choices to come up with their dream wedding cake. It’s a little slice of ‘cakespiration’ for the big day! Visit the Canvas Factory for more info!