Getting married is always an extremely exciting time, but planning the actual day can be an expensive and very stressful experience. However, making and crafting certain elements of your wedding is a great way to keep costs low, and also help give the day, and the venue, a personal touch. Lots of wedding items can be hand crafted, so the experts from Hochanda, the Home of Crafts, Hobbies and Arts, have provided some helpful tips and advice on how to get crafting, have fun, and make your day even more special.

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Paper bunting is a cost-effective, quick and easy way to create an attractive, relaxed and feminine feel to a wedding venue. You can use paper bunting to drape from lighting fixtures in a marquee or to highlight a particular area like the bar, cake display or the table plan.

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Simple steps for creating your own bunting

Template – the most important thing to do is to make a template to ensure all of your paper decorations are the same. You can make the tradition triangle bunting, or flowers, stars and letters.

Cut – once you have drawn your template, cut it out place it on top of two or three layers of your chosen paper or card. Draw round the template and cut the card to create a series of pennant.

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Decorate – get creative and decorate each piece of card with paint, glitter or jewels. You can even create a ‘lace effect’ by creating white doilies and sticking them over the top of the card.

Attach – punch two holes along the top of each piece of card and thread your chosen ribbon through.


Signage at an event is important to help direct guests, but it can also become a fun decorative addition to the venue. Don’t buy your signs, get creative and make them yourself, you can make them far in advance of the big day, so it is one less thing to think about!

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Tips for making your own signage

Keep it rustic – wooden signs look really smart, simple and attractive and you can pick up pieces of wood easily from a hard-ware or gardening store.

Stamp it – pick up a pack of stamps, you can get letters and numbers and also pictures from Stamp Addicts ( so you can easily mark the words and pictures you want on the sign.

Hang it – drill or cut two holes through the top corners of the sign and thread a ribbon through to be able to hang the sign.

Flower Arranging

Flowers add a touch of beauty and glamour to a wedding, but can come at a high price. Buying and arranging your bouquets and displays is a great way to save money and also have creative control over the look of your wedding venue.

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Tips to remember when embarking on DIY wedding flowers displays

Keep it seasonal – the most important thing to remember is to use flowers that are in season, they will be much cheaper and readily available for you to try out different designs. Florists will be able to help you with learning what flowers are in abundance during a certain time of year.

Understand your flowers – once you have picked the flowers you would like in your displays, make sure you do some research to find out how best to store the flowers ahead of your big day so they stay fresh. It is also key to buy the flowers a few days before the wedding so they are in optimum bloom!

Simplicity is key – your flower displays should be in line with the overall ‘theme’ of your wedding, but it is really important to think about the displays once combined with the rest of your décor, and not go too overboard. When it comes to flowers, simplistic tones and displays look stunning and very classy.

Learn the right ratio – practice makes perfect, but it is good to understand that big, showstopper flowers like roses or hydrangeas, need to be intertwined with filler, smaller flowers like carnations and foliage. It you are doing a smaller display go for three big flowers, six small and bulk it up with foliage.

Jazz it up – you can add a touch of sparkle to your flower displays by spritzing hairspray onto the flowers and sprinkling with glitter!


Favours are lovely gifts for your guests and can make great decorative additions to your tables. But with everything else to organise and buy, why not have some fun at creating the favours yourself with a little help from your bridesmaids? There are many different favours you could make yourself but a simple and decorative idea is to make cake pops, which can double up as your guests name settings.

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Tips for creating cake pop favours

Shape your mould – get your hands on a Silicone Non-Stick Cake Pop Set (£9.99 to help you create uniformed round cake pops.

Start baking – follow your favourite cake mixture recipe and pour the mix into the mould, snap the lid shut, insert the stick, and place in the oven to bake.

Start icing – once baked and cooled, snap the lid open and remove your cake pops. You can now get creative and cover in your favourite icing, keeping the colour in line with your wedding theme.

Mark the name – once the icing is set, use an icing pen to write the names of your guests, and if you are feeling extra creative sprinkle with edible glitter.

Keep it fresh – it is important you wrap each cake pop in cellophane and tie with a ribbon round the neck to keep them fresh.

Candle Making

Floating candles, add a warm, romantic and soft ambiance to a venue, and are perfect for events as the flame immediately extinguishes if knocked over. With floating candles you can also softly colour the water to compliment you colour theme and they can act as wonderful table centrepieces. Instead shelling out on expensive candles, making your own is extremely easy and cost effective and can be done on the day.

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Enlist the help of a bridesmaids and relatives to follow these simple steps

Choose the right kit – it is important you get a good kit for making your own floating candles, the Aromaglow Magical Floating Candles with Coloured Floats (£19.99 includes everything you need to create 32 candles that have a minimum of ten hours burn time each.

Get the container right – depending on the theme of your wedding, choose a number of complimenting glass containers, for example cocktail glasses or glass bowls and fill them with cold water so they are a third full.

Go colourful – colouring the water is a great way to create beautiful look that is in keeping with you wedding. You can make the colour as vibrant or soft as you like!

Build it right – once you have coloured the water pour at least 2cm of vegetable oil into the water. Get the wicks and the candle floats, and place the wick into the centre of the floats and place on the oil. Allow the oil to fill up to the grooves until it reaches the wick. Light and enjoy!

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