A gothic-inspired Halloween spectacular, with flashes of romantic red…


WHO: Jody and Bruna

WHERE: Maunsel House, Somerset

WHEN: October 2009

PHOTOS: © Greg Trezise and © Donna Berridge [email protected]


How they met

Jody and Bruna met at college when they were 16. “I thought he was silly because he was always wearing illuminated shoe laces,” says Bruna.

The proposal

There wasn’t a proposal in the traditional sense – just a joint decision, after 15 years together. Bruna and Jody always throw a party around Halloween and decided to extend 2009’s party into a wedding celebration!

The bride’s outfit

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Bruna bought her striking red gown, bolero, matching wrap and choker from Gothic Wedding Dresses. “The dress was £289 and the bolero was £70, and I rush-ordered it for an extra £20 – great value,” says Bruna. The bride accessorised her outfit with a bracelet and shoes from Debenhams.

“The dress was £289 and the bolero was £70, and I rush-ordered it for an extra £20 – great value.”

bruna-jody-real-wedding-welcomeThe groom’s outfit

Jody looked every inch the gothic groom in his long black vampire coat, brocade waistcoat and medieval shirt from LRP Store. A dressmaker friend of the family then personalised it with new buttons and braiding around the cuffs. His finishing touch was a pocket watch, which added an extra special detail to his outfit.

The details

Flowers wouldn’t really have suited this Gothic celebration, so instead Jody and Bruna opted for carved pumpkins, pillar candles and a candelabra. The couple also made their own stationery – cream scrolls with traditional wax seals. “We all came down from our bedrooms together and walked into the ceremony as a family…”

The ceremony

“We went for the shortest wedding ceremony we could,” says Bruna. “We do most things differently and this was no exception! We didn’t even exchange rings as we have each other and we don’t need a token that could be lost or broken.” The whole weekend of celebration took place at Maunsel house in Somerset, a magnificent 13th century manor house.

One piece of tradition they did follow was having Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

“We all came down from our bedrooms together and walked into the ceremony as a family…”

The reception

The 23 friends and family that attended the ceremony were joined in the evening by 80 more guests. The couple wanted a stress-free day so they didn’t have any official speeches. “I told everyone that if they wanted to speak they could!” says Bruna. “We left it completely up to them.”

“We didn’t have any official speeches – I didn’t want to stress anyone out…”

bruna-jody-real-wedding-13The cake

Bruna’s mum made their spectacular cake. It was a truly unique design of a sloping top hat depicting scenes of a spooky nature with a large pumpkin on top! She bought the icing, colouring and brushes from Craft Company.

Special moment

“Having all the people we care about in the same house gave us a sensational feeling,” says Bruna. “We wanted our wedding to be a present for all the family and friends and I think we achieved that.”

The honeymoon

Jody and Bruna spent a relaxing week at Centre Parcs with their gorgeous boys.