Where and when should you start searching for those perfect finishing touches? It’s always best to leave choosing your hair accessories and jewellery until you’ve chosen your wedding dress & bridesmaid dresses, this way you’ll know what detail you would like to match in your accessories and what style you want to achieve for your overall wedding look.

Start your search

After you have the dress, there is no time too early to start looking for your accessories. It’s not necessary to have decided how you will wear your hair style prior to choosing your hair accessories, it’s good to have a vision but you are also better to be open minded. This will allow you to adapt your overall accessories look when you see different pieces.  You might find what suits you is totally different to what you had in mind.  The best thing to do is experiment with lots of different styles and looks then make your decision.


Accessories for the whole bridal party

When choosing accessories for your bridal party look at your overall vision for their looks.  Again choose the dresses they will be wearing and then look for accessories after you have decided on them.  Lisa from The Bobby Pin says, “I always think that bridesmaid accessories should be dainty and pretty with that touch of sparkle.  Nothing too over the top as the bride needs to take the spotlight.” Getting accessories right for all your bridesmaids can be a difficult task when they all have different hair lengths and colours.  Keep it simple with a delicate comb or pin that can be added into any hairstyle.


Keep it coordinated

“This year I have done quite a few matching combinations for the bride and her bridesmaids.  The bride has the larger show stopping piece and the bridesmaids have a toned down smaller version that complements the bride.  These pieces are made with all the same elements and it gives the bridesmaids a real keepsake to remember this special day.” Says Lisa.


Lisa’s main advice is not to leave accessory buying to the very last minute.  It is much better to have your look organised so that when you do go to your final fittings and hair trials you can really start to piece together your look.  Then you will truly know you are happy with everything before your big day.

Here are some new pieces and looks from The Bobby Pin

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