5 Habits Of The Happiest Married Couples

A new study has seen married couples across the UK reveal the top 6 elements they believe make the most successful marriage! Newly-weds, bride and grooms-to-be, take note of the top habits of the happiest married couples…

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Habits Of The Happiest Married Couples


76% believe it is healthy for happily married couples to argue on average 3.9 times per month! Aoife Davey, group marketing manager at One4all Gift Cards commented: “It’s healthier to discuss upsets and concerns than to bottle them up. “Traditionally, arguing may have been considered unhealthy but actually many Britons recognise the important role of expressing your feelings – both positive and negative – in relationships. Just make sure that tempers are kept in check, you are respectful and that you are doing the more positive essential components regularly, too”.

Date Night

Whether you have been together 5 months or 5 years, regular date night was voted to be an important rekindling exercise with an average of 3.8 dates voted the average optimal number per month. Making sure you put aside uninterrupted time for your other half just once a week will keep the spark alive regardless of your busy working lives. Remind each other in small ways how much you appreciate them.


Brits expect spouses to compliment one another on average 14.98 times per month and to go the extra mile giving one another presents twice in the same time period.


Couples who want to abide by ”until death do us part” should enjoy meaningful conversations with each other 16.64 times per month according to respondents. While they should flirt with each other 13.51 times monthly.

Influencing Relationships

The research found that Brits are most likely (64%) to look to their parents as an example of what a successful marriage looks like, followed by their grandparents (22%).  While we wouldn’t take their every word as gospel, experience with age is automatically on their side. Looking to them may offer a new perspective!

How many of these elements do you do as a couple?


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