A Guide To The Wedding Processional Order

We’re pretty sure you’ve witnessed enough rom-com weddings to know the bride and father of the bride are the last people to make a grand entrance to the ceremony! But the original bridal march of important family members to the happy couple also have an official spot in line. We’ve listed the entire processional order starting with mother of the bride and finishing with the bride. Make sure your bridal team know who they should follow and who goes next…

The Wedding Processional Order
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Mother of the bride

The mother of the bride is the first to walk down the aisle to mark the start of the procession. She traditionally takes the first seat in the left hand aisle.


Mother of the groom

The mother of the groom shortly follows, taking the first seat in the front right hand row.


Grandparents of the bride

If both grandparents are attending your wedding it is also tradition for them to be included in the wedding procession. The grandparents of the bride should sit in the front left hand row with the Mother of the bride.


Grandparents of the groom

Followed by grandparents of the groom who should sit in the front right hand row with the mother of the groom.


The groomsmen can walk in one by one or together and will stand at the front awaiting the entrance of the Groom.

Best Man & Groom

The best man may walk in with the Groom or as the last of the groomsmen. The best man will stand by the grooms side during the ceremony and often holds the bride’s ring or both rings.


A crucial element to the ceremony, the officiant of the marriage is also honoured with a position in the processional either down the aisle or from another side room. The officiant will stand at the front with the groom.

The Wedding Processional Order

Bridesmaids & Maid of honour

Traditionally the bridesmaid/s will walk in together, closely followed by the maid of honour who is the last person to assist the bride with her dress and make sure the bride looks perfect for her entrance.

Flower girls, pageboys & ring bearer

Flower girls, pageboys and/or the ring bearer will precede the bride down the aisle. This marks the end of the processional, the rings are given to the best man and maid of honour by the ring bearer.


Father of the bride and the bride

Finally, the bride’s father will traditionally walk his daughter down the aisle and give her away to the groom who waits at the altar. The father of the bride will then take his seat next to the mother of the bride.

Processional order – check! Now to the processional music? You won’t want to miss these processional songs guaranteed to have your groom in tears!

Will you have the traditional processional order on your wedding day?